Review: The Wattle Island Book Club

The Wattle Island Book Club
Sandie Docker
Penguin Random House

My View:


Add this author to your must read list. Do it.

Written with finesse, with gentle words, with kindness, gratitude and positivity, this book brought a few tears to my eye – and that was a good thing.

From the outset I knew this was going to be a read that would take me to uncomfortable places, I was expecting some of the scenarios presented here – but not all of them. Although tinged with sadness, a bitter sweet ending, I am so pleased the author wasn’t tempted to make this a (unrealistic) happy ever after.

It was indeed sad. It was indeed thought provoking. I did shed a (few) tears. But it was a stronger read for the realistic, poignant, ending. Bravo!!


4 thoughts on “Review: The Wattle Island Book Club

  1. I’m intrigued just by the title, Carol! There are excellent books like that, that stay with you long after you put the book down, and that really engage you. I’m glad you enjoyed this one so well.

  2. Another one hers to add to my list. I’ve had The Banksia Bay Beach Shack on my list for awhile. The only place for us to buy copies here is on Amazon. They have both of these books available but they’re a little pricey. Fingers crossed the price will come down or our local store will start to carry her titles.

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