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** update ** Art has taken over my life! PASSION HAS BEEN FOUND. Check out my art website here https://carolseeley.com/

If you see something you must have – send me a message and I will create a 15% discount code for you to say thanks.

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Carol and I live in a wine growing region in the south of Western Australia. It is a beautiful location and the lifestyle is relaxed and peaceful. Here I have more time for me; I am transitioning into early retirement.

More time for me is something we all aspire to have one day and for me that one day is now. It has been an interesting transition; it has taken some adjusting to the different perspective of time and how to use that time. It has been difficult to walk away from the constant lure and beckoning of the computer screen and that potential new project and spend time doing other things, finding other things to do with my time.

Broadly speaking Me Time means I can read (and read and read to my heart’s content), create pieces of art – my new found passion, cook and not just the sustenance foods of the everyday meal but slow cooking, cooking for pleasure, cooking to explore ingredients, cooking to take advantage of our bountiful fresh homegrown produce; making pasta sauces, pesto, beetroot chocolate cakes, curries….whatever takes my fancy and of course sampling and drinking wine – so many to choose from. It is time to explore and discover some of the many great local wineries in this region and later to pack up that caravan and visit some of the wine growing regions of the Eastern States. Maggie the Dog loves these adventures, she already has acclimatised to camping and  now the caravaning life style and loves the adventure (and the beaches, and the walks and sleeping on our bed).

So bon appétit, cheers and let’s get reading! I look forward to sharing more of life’s little pleasures with you soon.

PS Once a upon my life time  – I have been a data entry clerk, bank officer, admin officer… Then I went back to university as a very mature age student and achieved a Bachelor of Social Science; Women’s Studies with a Minor in English, then another career change; social work (men’s prison, a women’s refuge, children’s group home, legal advocacy group worker), and finally a position in  the state government Film and TV  department, which spurred me into starting my own Production Accounting and Film Support business which lead to co producing the award winning documentary – 35 Letters – the highlight of many many careers. Where to next?   Blogging….which has a life of its own 🙂 and creating art.

PPS You can contact me here: readingwritingandriesling@gmail.com

PPS *** My reviewing schedule is full – please do not contact me to review your book  as my refusal will only disappoint both of us.

34 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Sorry, I think I messed up and you probably didn’t get my reply over on my blog. Didn’t want you to think I hadn’t responded. 🙂

    In answer to your question I probably only read about a book and a half a week but I’ve been reviewing on Amazon for a couple of years so have over a hundred existing reviews to post. I see you’re a NetGalley girl – so am I! Only joined a couple of months ago but have had some great stuff already.

  2. Hello Carol, this is Sue (Whispering Gums) … good to meet you. Have you signed up for the Australian Women Writers challenge? I don’t see reviews from you in the first 6 months (ie to end June)? Or maybe you have under another name. It’s easy to do, and every now and then someone doing a round-up might pick a review of yours to focus on.

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  4. Well, we share the wonder of mystery and suspense, oh, and Riesling. My first crime novel, SINK RATE, is scheduled to come out next month but the third in that series is still in editing at the publisher. Florida Detective Christie O’Shea was introduced in the second novel (ROPE BREAK) but comes out in her own starring role in SIDE SLIP, the third. She is working a heavy case load of Robbery/Rape/Murder cases but can’t shake her feelings for the cop from up north she saved and nursed back to health. He left a stirring wake behind. From SIDE SLIP…

    Christie stripped and slid into her pool. The coolness of the water reminded her that her pool heater was not on and only the sun worked on the water temperature. Bubbles wrapped up around her naked bottom and gave her just a bit of a tickle. She swam a few laps and then slipped back out hoping none of her neighbors could see through her hedges.

    While the shower was warming, she cracked a bottle of Riesling and poured a big glass. The hot tub caught the corner of her eye and she remembered the last time she had gone in she had the company of that quiet guy from Pennsylvania.

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