Aussie Author Challenge 2016


The object of this challenge is to showcase the wonderful diversity of work being produced by Australian authors. Thanks Booklover Book Reviews for hosting for the seventh year.

Songs Of A War – Boy Deng Thiak Adut with  Ben Mckelvey  

Face Value – Ian Andrew 

The Easy Way Out – Steven Amsterdam 

Tragedy: The Sad Ballad of the Gibb Brothers – Jeff Apter    

A Single Breath – Amanda Apthorpe

The Doctor Calling – Meredith Appleyard 

Between A Wolf and A Dog – Georgia Blain

The Cleanskin – Laura Bloom

Hindsight – Melanie Casey  

Broken Threads – Maggie Christensen

All These Perfect Strangers – Aoife Clifford 

That Empty Feeling – Peter Corris

Beyond the Farm Gate – Danielle Costly 

Black British – Hebe de Souza

Precious Things – Kelly Doust 

Summer Skin – Kirsty Eager

The Peppercorn Project – Nicki Edwards

Ghost Girls – Cath Ferla

Black – Fleur Ferris

Real Delicious – Chrissy Freer

The Darkest Place – Jaye Ford

All That Is Lost Between Us – Sara Foster

 Desert Flame – Janine Grey

Death By Sugar -Helen Goltz

The Dry – Jane Harper

The Drifter – Anthea Hodgson

Love Your Sister – Connie and Samuel Johnson 

Rebellious Daughters –  Maria Katsonis & Lee Kofman

The Garden Wanderer – Julie Kinney

The Sting: The Undercover Operation That Caught Daniel Morcombe’s Killer – Kate Kyriacou

Skin Deep – Gary Kemble  

Bad Blood – Gary Kemble

Second Chance Town – Karly Lane

Grand Slam – Kathryn Ledson

Who’s Afraid? Maria Lewis  

Like I Can Love – Kim Lock

The Light On The Water – Olga Lorenzo  

Tell the Truth Truth Shame the Devil – Melina Marchetta

An Isolated Incident  – Emily Maguire

BakeClass- Anneka Manning  

 The Other Side of the Season – Jenn J McLeod

Out Of Alice – Kerry McGinnis

Rain Dogs – Adrian McKinty

A Murder Without Motive the killing of Rebecca Ryle -Martin McKenzie-Murray

Remembering Anita Cobby – Mark Morri 

Music and Freedom – Zoe Morrison

Look What You Made me Do – Fathers Who Kill- Megan Norris

Rose’s Vintage – Kayte Nunn

The Blood On My Hands – Shannon O’Leary   

Past The Shallows – Favell Parrett 

The Twisted Knot – J M Peace

The Falls – B Michael Radburn

The Crossing – B Michael Radburn

Beyond The Orchard – Anna Romer

Journeys End – Jennifer Scoullar

Writing The Dream – Serendipity Press

Where The Trees Were – Inga Simpson

An Affair with Danger – Robin Storey

Love at First Flight – Tess Woods

The Love of A Bad Man – Laura Elizabeth Woollett