Reviews – by Author – D – J

 Books Reviewed Listed By Author: D – J


Dahl Arne – To The Top Of The Mountain

Dahl Arne – Bad Blood 

Dalbuono Nadia – The American  

Daly Paula – Keep Your Friends Close

Daly John A – From A Dead Sleep

Davis Brooke – Lost and Found

Davis Karen M – Deadly Obsession

Davis Karen M – Sinister Intent

de Kretser Michelle – A Ghost Story

de Kretser Michelle – Questions of Travel

Deaver Jeffery – Solitude Creek

Dench Judi – Behind The Scenes

Dobbie Kaye – Sweet Wattle Creek

Dolan Alex – The Euthanist

Drummond Sarah – Salt Story

Dugdall Ruth – The Woman Before Me

Dugdall Ruth – The Sacrificial Man

Dugdall Ruth – Humber Boy B 

Dugdall Ruth –  Nowhere Girl 

Durrant Sabine – Remember Me This Way

Durrant Sabine – Under Your Skin 

Edited by Victoria Pepe, Rachel Holmes, Amy Annette, Alice Stride, Martha Mosse –  I Call Myself A Feminist – The View From Twenty-Five Women Under Thirty 

Egholm Elsebeth – Dead Souls

Ekback Cecilia – Wolf Winter

Ellison J T – When Shadows Fall 

Enders Giulia – Gut The Inside Story of Our Bodies Most Under Rated Organ

Estleman Loren D – Every Brilliant Eye 


Fairstein Linda – Devil’s Bridge

Favel Parrett – When The Night Comes

Ferris Fleur – Risk

Fitzpatrick Debra – The Break

Flanagan Richard – The Narrow Road to the Deep North

Foley Lucy – The Book of Lost and Found

Ford Jaye – Already Dead

Ford Jaye – Blood Secret

Ford Jaye –

Forman Gayle – I Was here

Forster Kate – Close Up

Forsyth Kate – Dancing on Knives

Fossum Karin – The Murder of Harriet Krohn

Fossum Karin – Eva’s Eye

Fossum Karin – I Can See In The Dark 

Foster Sara  – All That Is Lost Between Us

Fowler Christopher – Bryant and May and the Bleeding Heart 

Fowler Christopher – Bryant and May

Fowler Karen Joy – We Are All Completely Besides Ourselves


Fox Candice – Eden

Fox Candice – Hades

Fox Kathryn – Cold Grave

Freedman Penny – One May Smile

French Nicci – Friday on my Mind

French Nicci – Thursday’s Children

French Nicci – Waiting For Wednesday 



Garcia Kami – Unbreakable

Gardiner Meg – Phantom Instinct

Gardner Lisa – Alone

Gardner Lisa – Fear Nothing

Gardner Lisa – Crash and Burn 

Gardner Lisa – Three Truths and a Lie

Gardner Lily – A Bitch Called Hope

Garner Helen – This House of Grief 

Gentill Sulari – Give the Devil His Due 

Genova Lisa – Inside The O’Briens

Genova Lisa – Still Alice

George Anna – What Came Before

George Elizabeth – Just One Evil Act 

George Elizabeth – 

Gerhardsen Carin – Cinderella Girl

Gerhardsen Carin – The Gingerbread House

Gerrard Nicci – The Twilight Hour

Gerritsen Tess – Die Again 

Gerritsen Tess – Playing With Fire 

Gerritsen Tess – Girl Missing aka Peggy Sue Got Murdered

Gilleo Mark – Favors and Lies

Gilstrap John – Soft Targets

Glancy Robert – Terms and Conditions

Glickman Ray – Reality

Godwin Julie – Homemade Takeaway

Goltz Helen  -Death By Sugar

Gott Robert – The Holiday Murders

Gott Robert – The Port Fairy Murders

Goudge Eileen – Guns and Roses 

Gouldthorpe Peter & Lucy – Our Dog Knows Words

Grafton Sue – X

Graham Heather – Waking the Dead

Graves Sarah – A Bat In the Belfry

Graves Sarah – The Girls She Left Behind 

Green Jane – Saving Grace  

Green J M  – Good Money 

Grey Janine – Desert Flame 

Grieves Tom – A Cry in the Night

Griffiths Elly – The Zig Zag Girl 

Griffiths Elly – Smoke and Mirrors 

Grisham John – Theodore Boone – The Fugitive 

Grisham John – Theodore Boone – The Rogue Lawyer

Grumbach Doris – Chamber Music

Gunn Alastair – The Advent Killer 


Haeberlin Julia – Lie Still

Hale Rebecca M – Ode To A Fish Sandwich

Hall Charles  – Summers Gone

Hannah Sophie – The Telling Error

Hannah Sophie –  A Game For All the Family

Hannay Barbara – The Secret Years

Harding Paul – Enon

Harris Charlaine – Day Shift

Harrison A S A – The Silent Wife

Hart Pamela – The Soldier’s Wife

Hartnett Sonya – The Golden Boys

Harvey James Neal – The Big Hit

Harvey John – Good Bait

Harwood Seth – In Broad Daylight

Hauxwell Annie – A Morbid Habit

Hawkins Paula – The Girl on the Train

Hayder Mo – Wolf

Hayder Mo – Poppet

Hayes Samatha – Before You Die

Hayes Terry – I Am Pilgrim

Hayes Alfred – In Love

Heiter Elizabeth – Hunted

Heltzel Anne – Charlie Presumed Dead

Herbert David – David Herbert’s Best Home Cooking

Hill Loretta – The Maxwell Sisters

Hillier Jennifer – The Butcher

Hines & Gooding Luke & Scott – Luke & Scott Clean Living Paleo Basics

Hoffman Alice – Night Bird

Hoffman Alice – The Marriage of Opposites

Hogan Phil – A Pleasure and A Calling

Holmes Lee – Heal Your Gut

Houlihan Liam – Once Upon A Time in Melb

Howe Melodie Johnson – City Of Mirrors

Howell Katherine – Web of Deceit

Howells Debbie – The Bones of You

Idol Billy – Dancing With Myself 


Indriðason  Arnaldur – Oblivion

Isaac Jane – The Truth Will Out

Isaac Jane – Before Its Too Late

Isaacs Susan – Compliments of a Friend

Iwata Ryoko – Coffee Gives Me SuperPowers 


Jacob Mira – The Sleepwalkers Guide to Dancing

Jacquiery Anna – The Lying Down Room

James Wendy – The Lost Girls

James Peter – Dead Man’s Time

Jess-Cooke Carolyn – The Boy Who Could See Demons 

Johns Rachael – The Patterson Girls 

Johnston Brett Anthony – Remember Me Like This

Jones Andy – The Two of Us

Jordan Ray – The West Australian Wine Guide 2015






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