Reviews – by Author – K – M

 Books Reviewed Listed by Author: K – M

Kaden Kylie – Missing You

Katzenbach John – Red 1-2-3

Kavanagh Emma – Hidden 

Kelly Jim – The Funeral Owl 

Kemble Gary – Skin Deep

Kent Christobel – The Crooked House

Kent Hannah – Burial Rites

Kepnes Caroline – You 

Kepnes Caroline –

Khan Ausma Zehanat – The Unquiet Dead

Knaggs Michael – Catalyst

Konstantine Eleni – SNOOP

Korelitz Jean Hanff – You Should Have Known

Kotting Mark – Teach Her

Kramer Julie – Delivering Death

Kramer Bruce H & Wurzer Cathy – We Know How This Ends

Kubica Mary – The Good Girl

Kubica Mary – Pretty Baby 



La Plante Linda – Wrongful Death

La Plante Linda – Tennison 

Lackberg Camilla – The Stranger

Ladd Linda – Mostly Murder

Lagercrantz David – Fall of Man in Wilmslow

Lansens Lori – The Mountain Story

Larranaga James Michael – In The Company Of Wolves

Ledson Kathryn – Monkey Business 

Ledson Kathryn – Grand Slam 

Lee Patrick  – Only To Die Again

Lehane Dennis – World Gone By

Lehtolainen Leena – Her Enemy

Lemaitre Pierre – Irene

Lemaitre Pierre – Alex

Lemaitre Pierre – Camille

Leunig Michael – Musings From The Inner Duck 

Lewis Maria – Who’s Afraid ?  

Lieberman Herbert – City of the Dead

Lindstrom Merethe – Days In The History Of Silence

Link Charlotte – The Other Child

Linskey Howard – No Name Lane

Little Elizabeth – Dear Daughter

Lockhart E E – We Were Liars

Logan Kirsty – The Gracekeepers

Lunn Jacqueline – The Unknown Woman 



Mackay Hugh – The Art Of Belonging 

Mackintosh Clare – I Let You Go 

Macri Irena – Happy Go Paleo 

Malone Lily – Fairway to Heaven

Manning Kate – My Notorious Life by Madame X

Marklund Liza – The Long Shadow aka A Place in The Sun

Marsons Angela – Evil Games

Marsons Angela –  Lost Girls 


Martin Jenna – Driving Under the Influence

Mason Jamie – Monday’s Lie

May Peter – Runaway 

May Peter – Coffin Road

May Peter – Entry Island

May Peter –

May Peter –

May Peter –

McBain Ed – Fiddlers

McArthur Fiona – The Homestead Girls

McCreight Kimberley – Reconstructing Amelia

McCreight Kimberley – Where They Found Her

McDermid Val – Cross and Burn

McDermid Val – Splinter the Silence 

McDonald Nelika – The Vale Girl

McFarlane Fiona – The Night Guest 

McGeachin Geoffrey – St Kilda Blues 

McGinty Adrian – Rain Dogs

McGinnis Kerry – Tracking North

McGowan Claire – The Dead Ground

McIlvaney William – Laidlaw

McIlvaney Liam – Where the Dead Men Go

McInery Monica – Hello From The Gillespies

McInnes William – Holidays

McIntosh Fiona – How to Write Your Block Buster

McKenzie Sophie – Trust In Me

McKenzie Sophie – Close My Eyes

McKenzie Sophie – Every Second Counts

McKenzie Sophie – Split Second

McLeod Jenn J – Season of Shadow and Light

McNab Duncan – Waterfront

McPartlin Anna – The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes

Meck Su – I Forgot To Remember 

Melenik & Mitchel Judy & T J – Working Stiff 262 Bodies and the Making of A Medical Examiner

Meredith Andrew – The Removers 

Mesdemoiselles – Under The Sea – Detachable Postcards to Colour In  

Mesdemoiselles – Cats – Detachable Postcards to Colour In  

Miller A D – The Faithfull Couple 

Miller Alex – The Simplest Words  

Mitchell David – Slade House 

Minato Kanae – Confessions

Missiroli Marco – The Sense of an Elephant

Molay Frederique – The 7th Woman

Montanari Richard – The Stolen Ones

Montanari Richard – The Doll Maker 

Montanari Richard – 

 Morgan Ann – Beside Myself

Moriarty Cal – The Killing of Bobbi Lomax

Morris James – What Lies Within

Morton Michael – Getting Life

Mosse Kate – The Taxidermists Daughter

Mott Jason – The Returned

Moyes Jojo – The One Plus One

Mulga – Mulga’s Magical Colouring Book 

Munson Sam – November Criminals  

Murphy Mike – A New Era For Manny Youngman  

Munro Alice – Too Much Happiness

Murphy Julie – Side Effects May Vary

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