Post Script: Today I Am…Carmen Warrington

Mindfulness for everyday.


Today I Am…

Carmen Warrington

Hachette Australia

ISBN: 9780733636530



Discover your true nature and explore you inner world with these inspirational pieces.

From the author of popular affirmations handbook TODAY I WILL… comes this book of inspiration to use in daily life.

Each page is an invitation to appreciate the richness of your inner world in all its colours, shades and contrasts. Contemplate any page to feed your soul and nurture your spirituality.

To know yourself is to know the greatest secret of all – embark on a journey of self-discovery with TODAY I AM…



My View:

“Today I am …A torchbearer.

I can shine my light or allow the darkness to remain.

It is a simple choice – on or off. In the light I see what is real, in the darkness imagination and fear take over. Fear causes me to view your actions with suspicion and think the worst of you.” pps. 158-159.


“Today I am…I Am

I am perfect as I am

Whatever I am.” Pp166-167.


Thoughtful, mindful reflection on the power of choice and meditation.  There is something in this pocket size book that we can all take on our journey.  Simplistic prose, multilayered meanings.  Buy this book, read it, share with your friends or family.


Post Script: Poster Girl – Beccy Cole

Heart warming and sincere.

Poster Girl

Poster Girl

Beccy Cole

Hachette Australia

ISBN: 9780733632587



Beccy Cole’s inspirational memoir from the heart of Australian country music.

Beccy Cole has country music in her blood. Daughter of a country music star, Carole Sturtzel, she is one of the most popular country singer-songwriters in Australia today. This is the story of her life – in her own words.


At fourteen, Beccy was performing in her mother’s group, Wild Oats. By her late teens, Beccy had teamed up with the Dead Ringer Band – Kasey Chambers’ family band – and had attracted the attention of the country music world by winning the Star Maker quest: the same award that started the careers of Keith Urban, Lee Kernaghan, James Blundell and Gina Jeffreys. It was just the first of many awards and accolades for this multitalented woman with a big heart.


With refreshing candour, Beccy shares her story: leaving everything she knew to pursue her dream, making a name for herself with her own band; her marriage and motherhood; her subsequent divorce, becoming a single mother and maintaining the nurturing love of family. Performing for the Australian troops in Afghanistan. Coming out, and what it has meant for her and her fans. Taking control of her own life – and finding love.


Heartfelt and honest, Poster Girl is the inspirational memoir of a strong woman who epitomises the authentic spirit of country music, and of Australia.



My View:

This is a very honest, open and optimistic book – Beccy Cole you have earned yourself a new fan! And (I loved the album Sweet Rebecca that was released at the same time as the book – such a great voice and you can sense that 1000w smile in every note).


It is very obvious that singing is Beccy Cole’s passion and has directed her life from early child hood. It is hard to believe that Beccy Cole considers herself a shy and introverted person (but perhaps the nerves and vomiting before performing gives us a little hint of this condition) – when performing she is focussed and confident; she has the gift of sharing – her sense of humour, her wonderful voice and her love of making people smile. Beccy Cole’s story is courageous, grounded, optimistic and full of love. I enjoyed every minute of this heart-warming and sincere story.


Thanks for sharing your story with us Beccy and good luck in all your future endeavours.


NB This book was provided for review by the publisher.