Post Script – The Long Shadow (aka A Place in the Sun) Liza Marklund

A Place in the Sun

The Long Shadow (aka A Place in The Sun)

Liza Marklund

Random House UK, Transworld Publishers


ISBN: 9780552161961



A violent robbery has killed an entire family on the Costa Del Sol.

Annika Bengtzon is assigned to cover the story for the Evening Post. But when she arrives in Spain she discovers there was a third child – a teenage daughter – who is unaccounted for.

Annika makes it her mission to find the missing girl. But as she delves into the mystery she becomes embroiled in a far darker side of Spanish life than she’d envisioned, as she begins to piece together a terrifying story of violence, abuse and murder.

My View:

An intricate tale of many stories – a journalists working life, a relationship breakdown, families with nasty histories and the big story  of secrets, murder and mayhem. For me there was too much happening in this book – I am afraid it didn’t grip, it didn’t excite and largely I felt like an observer – and I am wondering if any of this is due to reading this in English and not the original script?

There were elements of interest – but for me this book just did not deliver.