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Evil Has A NameAre you a fan or true crime or audio books? If so this new release audio book is for you. Narrated by the Paul Holes ,the forensic criminologist and retired Costa County Detective who spent 20 years trying to crack the Golden State Killer case, and who finally did. And Jim Clemente who is a retired FBI profiler and former New York City prosecutor who has investigated some of the highest profile criminal cases in US history, including the Unabomber.

I love books narrated by the authors or those involved in the narrative, there is so much more the narrator can bring to the reading including authenticity and personal insights/point of view.




Audible Original | 16 November 2018 | | Free with a 30-day trial, or one credit with your $16.45/month Audible membership

The Golden State Killer. The East Area Rapist. The Original Night Stalker. The Visalia Ransacker. The monster who preyed on Californians from 1976 to 1986 was known by many aliases. And while numerous police sketches tried to capture his often-masked visage, the Golden State Killer spent more than 40 years not only faceless, but nameless.

For his victims, their families and the investigators tasked with finding him, the senselessness and brutality of the Golden State Killer’s acts were matched only by the powerlessness they felt at failing to uncover his identity. To be sure, the chances of obtaining closure—or any form of justice—after so many years were slim to none, at best.

Delivering all-new details about the investigation and a stunning final act to the events of Michelle McNamara’s haunting bestseller, I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, this is the true story of how the suspected Golden State Killer was captured, as told, first-hand, by those closest to the case.

Evil Has a Name: The Untold Story of the Golden State Killer Investigation is free for new members with a 30-day trial from

Please note: This audiobook contains descriptions of violent crime and sexual assault and may not be suitable for all listeners.”  Audible

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Post Script: The Sad Man ( a short story) – P D Viner

The Sad Man (Short Story): A Dani Lancing Story

The Sad Man

A Dani Lancing Story

P D Viner

 Ebury Digital

ISBN: 9781473501362



Police officer Tom Bevans is nicknamed the Sad Man by his colleagues. As a Family Liaison Officer he is always the bearer of bad news – it is his job to tell the friends and family of victims the fate of their loved ones.

But Tom is weighted down by crimes both old and new – haunted by the death of his best friend Dani, whose murder has never been solved.

When a rare opportunity emerges for Tom to take the lead in a horrific murder investigation, he is determined to get justice for the victim. A young girl has been found in her own home, cut so badly – and so carefully – that she has bled to death, leaving a deliberate pool of blood in the shape of angel wings….

PD Viner says in his blog :

The story of writing The Sad Man.

In writing my debut novel: The Last Winter of Dani Lancing, I did what all enthusiastic first-time writers do… I created an enormous back-story for my central characters, With crime journalist Patty Lancing – I plotted her career trajectory and the two books that made her. The first was a series of interviews with the wives of serial killers, and the second was the case that made her news… In 1976 she hunted down a killer and saved a family. She wrote a book based on the case: The Ugly Man. (That story will be available as a free download novella early in 2014). And with Detective Superintendent Tom Bevans, I sketched out the case that made his career and allowed him to set up the specialist unit Operation Ares. His team who investigate sexually aggravated murder of multiple victims.

When I sold the novel I told my editor, Gillian Green at Ebury, that I had these ideas for novellas (about 110 pages each) and she loved the idea. I thought I would write them some time in the future but she wanted them NOW. So I sat down and wrote them (before I could start on my second novel) and the first of them is available as a free download from all good ebook stockists. The Sad Man.

My View:

I loved the novel The Last Winter of Dani Lancing and so found this prequel thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying but sadly I felt it only hinted at the mastery the first full length novel exudes. However if you spare a minute to listen to the audio clip so wonderfully interpreted by Steven Elder you feel  both books come to life – you feel Tom Bevans come to life!

The audio audio clip is a taster… it stars Steven Elder who plays Tom Bevans in the full-cast, unabridged audio book of The Last Winter of Dani Lancing.