My Dried Cherry and Chocolate Easter Buns: BakeClass – Anneka Manning

BakeClass Cover_Jacket

Anneka Manning


It is Easter a time for family get togethers and Easter Buns.

Thsi is what I made today – mine don’t have the flour paste crosses – as I am not a fan (and I used cranberries in pale of dried cherries as the recipe suggests ).

What do you think?

Dried cherry and chocolate hot cross buns


Easter Buns

Or Mine? 

These taste great -and the when eaten warm  the semi melted chunks of chocolate – divine!!

White Chocolate Butterfly Cakes – Anneka Manning – BakeClass

BakeClass Cover_Jacket

Bakeclass- Anneka Manning – Murdoch Books

Today I made White Chocolate Butterfly Cakes – we tasted some for afternoon tea and the others will be frozen

(before cutting and filling) for next weekend when we have a few visitors arriving.

These are my favourite cup cakes – until I made these today I didn’t realise the flavour was from the melted white chocolate ads so much flavour -I  thought it was just from the vanilla.

Cut off the top – add a dollop of thickened cream or cream fraiche and some berry jam then add the “wings” – dust with icing sugar.

white chocolate butterfly cake 001