The Hard Question…

This past month or two has seen me particularly busy – the Writers Festival took up an entire weekend plus the time I invested before hand trying to read something by each of the participants ( I didn’t succeed in this challenge but I did read a few of the participants books – which did make the sessions I attended more enjoyable) and then throw in  some house sitting and just general busyness,  I managed to get a little behind in my reading, the TBR resembles a certain leaning tower 🙂  And four authors or their agents contacted me personally to review books and I was approached to join in a couple of blog tours, I made the mistake of agreeing to all requests.

Thankfully nearly all of the books I was requested to read were excellent and I got to stretch my reading habits – I read some horror, some great debut novels, a hard core thriller, a mash up of crime/lite paranormal/romance – which I thoroughly enjoyed, and some contemporary reads. Last night however I read a book I actually didn’t like, I didn’t like the characters – I think that was the main issue for me- and then I couldn’t suspend my disbelief – and so now I am stuck – what do I do about this one? I know what I should have done – before agreeing to review I should have mentioned if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t participate in this blog tour. What to do?

The more I think about it the more I think I will just say the book is not for me and bow out- what would you do?



I am the only voice not giving this 5 stars on GoodReads – the writing is technically fine – I just didn’t connect or like the protagonists or their dilemmas.  Are you a fan of the adage  “any review a good review”?

A Question To All Who Read or Write Or Review Books And To All Book Bloggers

Do you think/know if reviewing a novel and posting that review on social media such as a blog or Facebook or the publishers website  etc has any impact on how well a novel is received or how well it sells?  I am really keen to hear your views. Are you influenced by online reviews? Why do you blog?