Season of Shadow and Light: Jenn J McLeod – Blog Tour Coming Soon

I am very pleased to share with you the upcoming blog tour dates for the book Season of Shadow and Light by Jenn J McLeod. Jenn J McLeod is a much loved Australian author  and as you may know I am very keen to support Australian writers. Save these dates and look out for  some interesting reviews, interviews and comments. My part in the tour – is an interview with Jenn where I will tackle all  the hard questions  – in particular regarding her experiences as she combines caravanning, travelling and writing – all my favourite things:)


Blog Tour



Denham (Shark Bay) Western Australia

Last night we arrived in Denham, it is still very breezy – we cant seem to escape this wind! Despite the wind we are still enjoying the travelling/caravan lifestyle and cant wait to embark on a longer trek early in the new year. We are thinking of heading East to a coast we have not yet explored (and a few wineries). 🙂Image


On The Road to …Carnarvon

It seemed liked a never ending road to Carnarvon.  The road is full of like travelers, other “grey nomads”, and trucks – taking supplies to the northwest towns and the vast mining sites. Image

This is our set up – it is working out just fine. The addition of a chemical loo has made stopping “off road” so much easier.


Home Sweet Home

Saturday we packed up our caravan and headed south towards home. We had two glorious weeks of sun, fishing, walks along the beach and reading.  Bliss!


The closer we got to home the darker the skies grew. Apparently we had 100mm of rain on Friday night/Saturday morning…glad we missed that.

So here we are, back home, chilly and rainy – we want to turn around and go back north!

Now we start planning the next trip  – so the big decision, do we go away again for a few weeks somewhere soon or do we try and save a bit more money for fuel and do a bigger trip – maybe east early next year???  I think we might have to try and do both 🙂