Getting Ready For A Garage Sale on Sunday

Is the concept of garage sales unique to Australia?  Sunday we are trying our luck at selling some unwanted ( but  mostly much loved items) – at the moment the items; books, cd’s dvd’s, clothes, dinner set… bike…camping style chairs…designer bags…are mostly in our hallway 🙂  The more I start to seriously think about the the more stuff I find 🙂  Once you start to part with treasures hoarded the easier it becomes ( plus I have done some online shopping and have new things to replace old/not so old in my cupboard – you know those impulse buys that you don’t like when you get home, the online shopping – clothes mostly – that don’t look/seem quite like what you thought or the size doesn’t work for you…)… the books you will never re read…the more I look the more I find.  looking forward to some space in my cupboards- replace, recycle, renew…


Today I had my first customer ( she is  working on Sunday so asked to come earlier). It was such a pleasant experience – I hope that is an indication of what is to come.