Chocolate Heaven – Dark Side Chocolates, Denmark Western Australia

As I have mentioned out holiday in Denmark was a bit of a gourmet experience; we had magnificent cheeses, coffee, flourless chocolate cake…and chocolate.  Dark Side Chocolate is  a business we visited twice it was so good!  On the second visit the chocolatier (Celebrated Winemaker turned Artisan Chocolatier, John Wade) was just working on his latest creation and he gave us a sample to try – a dark chocolate truffle with mango, coriander, chili and mint… a kind of Thai flavoured chocolate – what a treat for the taste buds!  It was fabulous!!!  If ever you are visiting the south west of Western Australia  (if that is not possible you can always order on line) I strongly recommend popping into Dark Side Chocolates – you will not be disappointed.

PS they specialise in Vegan and dairy free chocolates! And ice cream!



Hand made salted caramel ice-cream, drinking chocolate, 87% South American Cacao!