Post Script: Dead Time – Tony Parsons

Dead Time - Tony Parsons

Dead Time – Tony Parsons

Dead Time

A DC Max Wolfe Short Story

Tony Parsons

Random House UK, Cornerstone

Cornerstone Digital

ISBN: 9781473518803



An exclusive short story featuring DC Max Wolfe from Tony Parsons, the Sunday Times No. 1 bestselling author of The Murder Bag.


One am, Boxing Day. Snow falls, the city sleeps.


Not DC Max Wolfe. He is looking out of his loft apartment at the deserted streets below.


A van has just drawn up. Two men get out. Dressed in black and wearing ski-masks, they are dragging something.


It’s a man. Half-naked. Half-dead. But still alive.


Not for much longer.


Soon Max Wolfe is hunting a gang of killers who decapitate their victims


And this time it’s personal …



Includes an exclusive sneak preview of Tony’s new novel, The Slaughter Man.



My View:

Tense, gritty and graphic this short story is pulse raising in its violence level however I feel this genre (short story) left the narrative a little bare boned and lacking in character development and the associations I so enjoyed in his first book The Murder Bag. The narrative felt a little rushed, when I was keen to know more. That Tony Parsons can write and engage the reader is not in doubt but I think his talent lies in the long form art – I eagerly await the publication of his next full length novel, The Slaughter Man.