Chocolate Torte: David Herbert’s Best Home Cooking – David Herbert

Cover - David Herbert's Best Home CookingAnother amazing dish from David Herbert’s Best Home Cooking – serve this easily made dessert at the end of a special meal and your guests will be fooled into thinking that they are dining at a 5 star restaurant (or mistakenly think that you have had the torte bought in for the occasion). Relax – this may look and taste like you have spent all day in the kitchen making – but ssshhh don’t tell…that is not the case – this easy to make dish showcases the finest ingredients: chocolate (70% cacao is recommend but I used what was at hand – 85%) and mascarpone cheese with a hint of brandy (I used Chambord as that is what I had in my liquor cabinet) – so  rich and divine. A small serving completes and compliments a special meal.

Chocolate Torte