Happy New Year

Happy New year, I apologise that this post is a little late, it has been such a busy time in our house. First was the delivery and installation of over 50 art works ( of varying sizes) to the Demark (WA) Visitors Centre for an exhibition I called ” Wide Open Roads” – abstract Australian landscapes.

Then came Christmas with family visiting.

Then I was pleasantly surprised to be offered a display space at Peacetree Wines cellar door in my home town. “Bloom” was installed.

I am a little tired and have not had much time for reading lately but will get back to posting again soon.

Happy New Year.

Post Script: Beyond the Farm Gate. A Culinary Journey Through Australia’s South West – Danielle Costley

Come on a journey…

Beyond the Farm Gate

Beyond the Farm Gate

A Culinary Journey through Australia’s South West

Danielle Costley

Margaret River Press

ISBN: 9780994316714



Beyond the Farm Gate by Danielle Costley takes you on a culinary journey through Australia’s Southwest.


It’s a journey that’s both breathtaking and yet deeply communal, at one with the people, places and produce that are home to the South West Region. Here, the food is very much an expression of craftsmanship and, at times, the very lifeblood of the community.


Beyond the Farm Gate celebrates and pays tribute to the artisan food growers who are dedicated to the art of producing flavoursome, high quality produce. Danielle Costley’s in depth interviews with 31 growers reveal the interesting and diverse backgrounds of these food growers some of who share recipes that have been passed down from one generation to another.


Embark on a food-finding mission that begins with a unique berry that earned its name from a Tiger snake, unearth the rare and elusive black Perigord truffle, pop beads of citrus caviar in your mouth or pluck a Greenlip abalone from the pristine waters of Flinders Bay. Savour dry-salted organic capers, or sample fresh, oozingly decadent jarrah honeycomb straight from a beehive.


Beautifully photographed by Chris Gurney, Beyond the Farm Gate unlocks the stories and secret recipes from a melting pot of flavours and influences. This book will want to make you pack your bags and disappear for a few days on a gastronomic adventure that will leave you craving more.



This is a very impressive book – not just because it focusses on the culinary discoveries of the South West Of Western Australia where I happen to live, not just because the photos are impressive and could easily be mistaken for art works hanging on walls, not just because the book shares some fresh and exiting recipes from local producers and growers and not just because this unique book also shares personal stories from the aforementioned local growers/producers but because this book is crafted with love and appreciation for people and communities featured in this book.


This is a book that can be read as a travel guide for a culinary experience of the southwest, this can be read as a “coffee table picture book” its images inspiring, or perhaps as a cook book for those with a yearning for fresh, local and organic produce. This book is the perfect gift to send to your overseas or eastern states family and friends – but be warned after they read this book you may suddenly find yourself with an influx of visitors waiting to explore for themselves the many attractions the south west of Western Australia has to offer. When I picked up this book and started flicking through its pages I had an immediate yearning to pack up and head off in our caravan to discover the places and foods this book features.





Big Brook Dam – Holiday WA

Bob The Dog Enjoying A Stroll Around Big Brook Dam

Bob The Dog Enjoying A Stroll Around Big Brook Dam

What a perfect day for a walk in the bush! Big Brook Dam which is located close to Pemberton, provides a perfect space for walks or bike rides, with or without your four legged friend (on a leash of course), an opportunity for a swim- weather permitting,  a BBQ or picnic, a chance to canoe or just simply be. We decided to enjoy the sunny conditions and take Bob the Dog for a stroll around the lake  – the paths make it so easy! And plenty of great photo opportunities.   (And close by there are bush camping grounds that allow dogs- we checked this out for the next trip to Majimup/Pemberton).


Big Brook Dam April 2015

Manjimup Famers Markets – Holiday in WA

Today we experienced the warmth and passion of the local producers and farmers selling their goods at the Majimup Farmers Markets. Such friendly stall holders; these are the people who grew or made the produce or collected the eggs…food with a genuine low food mile and so fresh!  For breakfast we had  toasted sour dough bread, free range eggs, freshly picked apples and pears (some new varieties to try) … for use in the week we have  freshly harvested potatoes,  fresh garlic grown within 8kms of the markets, LovingGift Organic dark chocolate and a jar of fermented vegetables…so much great produce, we couldn’t carry any more! During the week we are purchasing more apples and pears from the orchard to take home with us; fresh, crisp,delicious.


Did You Guess Where We Are?

We are staying in Manjimup- as the website, Manjimup Visitors Centre says so well  – “Manjimup is just 307 km from Perth, in the beautiful south west corner of Western Australia – a land of tall timbers, abundant fresh water, rich soils and undulating scenery.”

Can you guess where we had lunch today? Beautiful scenery on the drive to this spot and it was so nice to sit outside and enjoy the sun shine and the meal ( and the cider wasn’t bad either) Bob enjoyed his share of the ham, roasted pumpkin and apple slices.


The Cidery - Bridgetown

The Cidery – Bridgetown