Post Script: Dognitive Therapy – Laura Vissaritis

Dognitive Therapy

Dognitive Therapy

 Laura Vissaritis

Penguin Random House

ISBN: 9780143783497



To change your dog’s behaviour, first you must change yours. A mindful approach to training your dog from Australia’s leading dog behaviourist.


Training your dog starts with you.


In this friendly and comprehensive guide, expert dog behaviourist Laura Vissaritis teaches you how to better understand your dog’s behaviour and, more importantly, how to change it.


Your bond with your dog is incredibly powerful and rewarding, but it is also an instructive relationship. Your dog’s behaviour is directly affected and influenced by your own. Based on successful principles of dog-training and psychology, Laura demonstrates how implementing small changes in behaviour can have a big impact on both you and your canine companion.


Packed full of real life case studies, exercises and practical advice, this book will inspire you to take a closer look at your own life to improve your relationship with your dog for good.



My View:

I had many “aha” moments when reading this book.  The advice, the case studies, the challenges…the rewards, all made so much sense. There are laugh out laugh out loud moments (did you know there is a scientific reason why sometimes your dog smells a bit like cheese nachos? You aren’t imagining things…it’s about sweat glands, see p215) 🙂  There were also times when I had a silent little weep and thought about rescuing another dog after reading the statistics Laura Vissaritis shares regarding animal cruelty, the battle animal rescues have in re homing dogs, especially older dogs and the case studies she shares about how dogs can add so much value to your life. Our Bob the Dog is a “rescued” English Staffordshire Terrier – he gives us so much love, we return that love willingly – in abundance.  We have a great relationship with Bob the Dog that has been enhanced by reading this book and being reminded to look at the world from your dog’s perspective and to remember that your dog will always be dependent on his human…always, forever.


Laura’s passion for her work is evident.  Laura’s love for her dogs shines like a beacon in the book.  To claim this book elicited an emotional response from me would be an understatement.  If you have a dog, love dogs, or have always wanted to share your home with a dog I urge you to read this book.


Bob the Dog relaxing

Bob the Dog relaxing with his favourite human ( not pictured)




Post Script: Things Your Dog Wants You To Know, Understanding Canine Behaviour – Laura Vissaritis –

Cover Things Your Dog Wants You To Know

Things Your Dog Wants You to Know

Understanding Canine Behaviour          

Laura Vissaritis

Penguin Books

ISBN: 9780143573364



What is it that your dog is trying to say . . . and are you listening?


Expert dog behaviourist Laura Vissaritis (with able assistance from her bull terrier Chester) introduces Dognitive Therapy, an approach that teaches you how to understand the world from your dog’s point of view.


Insights into the canine mind combined with practical advice to solve common problems will help you bond with your dog in a whole new way. Your dog will be happier, healthier . . . and better behaved.


If you want a smart dog, you’ve got to be a smart owner!




My View:

Every dog lover should own this book!

This book is beautifully presented – the photos are amazing, Alex Cearns you are to be congratulated for your work on this book – the dogs photographed here show so many expressions you fall in love with all of them.


The book – Laura Vissaritis has produced a book that not only is appealing but also has a wealth of sensible advice for all dog owners such as; rewarding positive behaviours, having routines, giving consistent messages, advice about how dogs communicate – multi sensory – using their body, ears, nose, and eyes,( Bob the Dog particularly favours tactile exchanges– he loves being cuddled, having his belly rubbed, leaning on you, sitting on you… loves being close to his humans).


“Remember the responsibility you have for your dog. You are, after all. The one she can’t live without.” *BOL



*Bark Out Loud J