Post Script: The Doll Maker – Richard Montanari

Gripping! This is the read I have been waiting for…

The Doll Maker

The Doll Maker

A Byrne and Balzano Mystery

Richard Montanari

Mulholland Books  

ISBN: 9780316244732


Detectives Byrne and Balzano return to the streets of Philadelphia to put an end to a macabre succession of murders.

A quiet Philadelphia suburb. A woman cycles past a train depot with her young daughter. There she finds a murdered girl posed on a newly painted bench. Beside her is a formal invitation to a tea dance in a week’s time.

Seven days later, two more young victims are discovered in an abandoned house, posed on painted swings. At the scene is an identical invitation. This time, though, there is something extra waiting for Detectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano: a delicate porcelain doll.

It’s a message. And a threat. With the killers at large, Detectives Byrne and Balzano have just seven more days to find the link between the murders before another innocent child is snatched from the streets.


My View:

After a few average reads this week I was so pleased that I picked up my e-reader and settled in for the night with this incredibly creepy read. The prologue had me hooked (and is probably the most gruesome and violent part of the narrative) the creepy parts comes later 🙂

The Doll Maker had my attention in a vice like grip. I felt the urge to read and read…and I did …my husband has no idea what time I turned the bedroom light off… (And I am not saying). He slept peacefully as I read the entire book start to finish.

A great, fast moving, tension packed police procedural with the creepiest villains I have come across in a long time (no spoilers here) but I think is the juxtaposition of manners/politeness against loathsome serial murders that makes these antagonists so creepy. This narrative is well plotted, very well executed and delivers in every way a good work of crime fiction should – you are left believing this could happen. Such evil does exist.

And surprisingly this is Book 8 in the Byrne and Balzano series – and I hadn’t read the other 7 and it didn’t matter! (But now I would like to).



NB This book was provided for review by the publisher.