Post Script: Past The Shallows – Favell Parrett

Past The Shallows

Past the Shallows

Written by: Favel Parrett

Narrated by: David Wenham

Length: 4 hrs and 43 mins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date: 08/02/2016

Publisher: Hachette Australia Audio



Past the Shallows is the award-winning, best-selling debut novel from Favel Parrett about the bonds of brotherhood and the fragility of youth, narrated by David Wenham.


Everyone loves Harry. Everyone except his father.

Three brothers – Joe, Miles and Harry – are growing up on the remote south coast of Tasmania. The brothers’ lives are shaped by their father’s moods – like the ocean he fishes, he is wild and unpredictable. He is a bitter man warped by a devastating secret.


Miles tries his best to watch out for Harry, the youngest, but he can’t be there all the time. Often alone, Harry finds joy in the small treasures he discovers in shark eggs and cuttlefish bones. In a kelpie pup, a big mug of Milo and a secret friendship with a mysterious neighbour. But sometimes small treasures, or a brother’s love, are not enough.


Winner – The ABIA Award (Newcomer of the Year) 2012. Winner – The Dobbie Literary Award 2012. Shortlisted for The Miles Franklin Literary Award 2012. Shortlisted for The ABIA Award (Book of the Year) 2012. Shortlisted for The ABIA Award (Literary Book of the Year) 2012. Shortlisted for The ABA’s Bookseller’s Choice Award 2012. Shortlisted for The Indies Award (Debut Fiction) 2012.

©2011 Favel Parrett (P)2016 Hachette Australia Pty Ltd


My View:

The combination of Favell Parrett’s words and David Wenham’s narration equals a beautiful experience for the soul and the ears! I have listened to a few audio books but this one beats them all – the narrative is poignantly read, is often heartbreaking, honest, and brutal and real. The ending – is not pretty – but pays homage to the bonds of siblings forged strong and unbreakable by the explosive temperament of a bitter and twisted father.


A mystery is slowly revealed. As a past tragedy unravels another is created. A brilliant audio book!

I have now added Favell Parrett to my must read authors list. David Wenham is a narrator of some note!


Post Script: Salt Story – Sarah Drummond


Salt Story of Sea-Dogs and Fisherwomen

Sarah Drummond

Fremantle Press

ISBN: 9781922089069



In this warm, lively, salty account of living on and by the sea, Drummond writes of fishing and feuds, of life as an apprentice fisherwoman, and of all the fish that got away.

Salt Story pays homage to sea-dogs, fisherwomen, oystermen and storytellers everywhere.

‘Too few writers capture the essence of now: the flavour, smell, feel, language. But Sarah Drummond has done it. This is real, but you know this way of life won’t last. Her account of a fishing community on the south coast of Western Australia is a gift. Salt—a real person but not his real name—delivers his philosophy while teaching Sarah the tricks, craft and dodges of making a living from the sea. Salt should be sent to lecture in the corridors of Canberra and corporate board rooms.


My View:

Let me shre one of my favourite descriptions in this book, for this is a book of poetic language and earthy salty colloquialisms and rustic sepia drawings melded into a beautiful narrative: (p. 25) “Wheat silos, smooth white chrysalids, stood among the praying mantis gantry and chugging conveyor belts, orange lights, steaming mountains of woodchips, ships high on the water out in the Sound. All night, the port worked to clear the backlog. Ships in, ships out. Breathe in, breath out.” This is just one example of the visual writing that is Salt Story. I can see so clearly in my mind’s eye this large metal Praying Mantis – the description is just perfect!


This is a beautifully written story filled with personal accounts of small scale commercial fishing in the town of Albany Western Australia, a life and a community you can feel is on the brink of extinction…or is it? Small scale commercial (Estuarine fishing in this case) are largely family run business and as such have a vested interested in keeping fish stocks at a sustainable level for the next generations.


Snapshots of life in this community are told in a real and personal way, Sarah Drummond spent many years working an unofficial apprenticeship with a larger than life local fisherman, “Salt” – this is their story, their history and a glimpse of a world so few of us will experience or happen upon.


And did I mention the illustrations in this book? I fell in love with these sepia reproductions – a piece of history in themselves.


A thoroughly enjoyable read told with passion and integrity. This is creative memoir at its best.


Erebus & Terror scan 1-1

(image – Salt Story – Same Tribe As Me – Introduction)

Meet The Author: Salt Story, Of Sea Dogs and Fisherwomen – Sarah Drummond

Tonight I had the pleasure of hearing author Sarah Drummond talk about her book Salt Story, at the Margaret River library. What a great event. I want to go to more  of this sort of thing. It was inspiring to hear of Sarah’s experiences as a fisherwoman in Albany, in the South West of Western Australia.  Her passion for the sea and the community she worked in is evident in her writing and her presentation tonight.

I loved her book; snapshots of life in this close knit community. (My review to follow in the next week or so). Thanks Sarah for a very enjoyable night.



Nanga Bay, Western Australia

The past few days we have been “off the grid” at Nanga Bay – the caravan park is named “Nanga Bay Resort” but dont be fooled by the term resort – maybe it was once but not these days… yes there is a spa and pool – but they need a bit of TLC, but what there is, is plenty of space, close access to a lovely beach, a small shop and restaurant, clean ablution blocks, some motel style and self contained units, drinking water from rain water tanks and lots of quiet and sunshine ( and no internet or mobile phone coverage), and good fishing – we are told. 🙂 Ideal.


Our set up – Nanga Bay


High Tide

Little Bay – Fishing, Fishing and More Fishing

But we didnt catch any fish today – but with scenery like this it didn’t matter!

Today we went 4wdriving to Little Bay – a few kilometres of sand hills to reach the most amazing tranquil waters – picture perfect.  We checked out the terrain and decided, yes it was worth grabbing the fishing gear and coming back to after lunch.


So after a late lunch we headed back – the waters were calm and enticing. It was just glorious sitting on the beach.  Bob enjoyed it to – he decided that the bait was yummy and couldn’t work out why we were casting it into the ocean! 🙂 We stayed most of the afternoon through to early evening, watching the sunset on the beach- spectacular!


Fresh Fish For Lunch

Yesterday we went fishing where the Bowes River meets the ocean. This really is a  spectacular coast line. We enjoyed the fishing  and despite the water being a little choppy we caught a fish each with our first casts.

Bob enjoyed the waves, having a paddle in the ocean and a run along the beach. It was fantastic to have this great expanse of beach to ourselves.


We had fresh fish for lunch!