Post Script: A Whole New Way To Eat – Vladia Cobrdova

A Whole New Way To Eat

Vladia Cobrdova

Murdoch Books

ISBN: 9781743368978



Stunning recipes for fad-free eating from the original modern Australian health food providore.


Step into fad-free whole-food eating with recipes you can trust from the original modern Australian health food providore.


A Whole New Way to Eat is the healthy recipe collection all households need. Everyone is welcome at the table with this way of eating – whether you’re looking for inspirational vegan, paleo or vegetarian recipes or you’re simply after truly delicious food that just happens to be good for you. From The Best Turmeric Yoghurt and Tahini Potato Salad to the hands-down most delicious Raw Caramel Slice you’ve ever tried, your body will thank you from your tastebuds to your gut. Nutritionist and recipe developer Vladia Cobrdova from About Life recreates over 135 of the mouth-watering dishes she’s made popular in the stores’ busy cafes, takeaway and ready-made meal sections.


A Whole New Way to Eat is a modern take on healthy eating for those more interested in eating well than following the latest craze.


Author bio:

“Vladia Cobrdova is a nutritionist, recipe developer and Wellness Ambassador for About Life, Australia’s largest wholefoods retail chain. Born and raised in Czechoslovakia, Vladia first saw and tasted avocadoes and mangoes when she came to Australia as an au pair. She started working at a juice bar and health food shop called About Life when she was studying to be a nutritionist. Fourteen years later that business is now the largest retailer of health food in Australia and Vladia develops the recipes for the business. She’s still blown away by the taste of avocadoes and mangoes.”




My View:

I haven’t had the time lately to experiment in the kitchen with recipes from some of the new cook books I have at hand, (we have been on holidays, twice in the past two months and when back home have been extra busy, or had lots of visitors or commitments), this year has just been busy. However tonight I sat down and had a good look at A Whole New Way To Eat by Vladia Cobrdova and I am  now excited about the idea of returning to the kitchen and trying out some of these tantalizing, fresh, healthy and delicious looking recipes.


There are great breakfast ideas, dips, sides, mains, snacks, lunch, soups… “The dishes in this book cover every occasion – for when you only have 10 minutes to prepare a nutritious snack to keep the energy levels up and stress levels down, or for creating a meal to impress your guests. Perhaps you want to experience the sense of achievement you get from baking bread and serving with lashings of good quality local butter?” (YES YES YES) Vladia hopes that by sharing these recipes she can pass on some of the enjoyment and satisfaction that cooking has given her, her family and the clients of About Life. (p9)  And the recipes here cater to a variety of dietary requirements; including gluten free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, raw food, meat lovers…there is sure to be something here for everyone.


Let’s get cooking!






Post Script: Deliciously Ella Everyday – Ella Woodward

Deliciously Ella Every Day

Deliciously Ella Every Day

Ella Woodward

Hachette Australia

Yellow Kite

ISBN: 9781473633162



The new book by the record-breaking bestselling author of Deliciously Ella!



The Deliciously Ella way of eating isn’t about following a diet, it’s about enjoying delicious, natural food to help you look and feel your best. Luckily, Ella understands that nourishing your body with wholesome ingredients needs to fit in with your existing lifestyle and not feel like something difficult, which is why she has written this book – to help you make the right choice every time and start to glow from the inside out. With Deliciously Ella Every Day, her easy-to-make food will become a natural part of your life.


Ella’s much-awaited second book is packed with 100 more of her trademark simple yet tempting plant-based, dairy-free and gluten-free recipes. Be inspired by her quick weekday dinners, slow-cook comfort food designed to be shared, amazing colourful salads and incredible food to take with you when you’re on the go. Add to these a selection of easy yet delicious breakfast options and smoothies, an array of sweet treats and a variety of soothing drinks – and this may just be Ella’s best collection yet.


Featuring the top ten rules for living the Deliciously Ella way, lists to help you get organised, plus tips and tricks to help you get ahead, this is the cook book you’ve been waiting for to help you get your life and your health on track – with zero hassle.



My View:

You dont have to be a vegetarian to enjoy Ella Woodward’s recipes – variety is the key to healthy eating and Ella provides us with some colourful, tasty and easy recipes. Plant based eating has never been so simple or delicious.


This book is packed with healthy eating recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks, smoothies, biscuits and truffles! As a very plain and boring salad maker, I love the choices this book offers. I don’t know about you but I grew up in an era where a piece of tomato, a limp lettuce leaf and some cucumber = salad; boring, unappealing and dull. This book gives me so many colourful, easy options that the word boring will never be applied to my salad making again! In particular I love the use of legumes and beans mixed into salads – making a tasty side dish or a hearty snack or the basis for a vegetarian meal. The Carrot Beetroot and Sesame Salad is easy and delicious and a favourite (and stores well in fridge for a few days), Chickpea and Squash Salad taste great (these two ingredients work so well together), Wilted Spinach and Black Bean Salad, this warm salad makes a quick vegetarian meal with the addition of quinoa or rice!


This book has so much to offer! (And did I mention the Chocolate Caramel Slices – the base made with almonds, pecans, dates and nut butter?)  YUM!



Post Script: Real Delicious – Chrissy Freer

Nutrition and flavour are not sacrificed when making any of these recipes.

Real Delicious Cover

Real Delicious

Chrissy Freer

Murdoch Books

ISBN: 9781743365960



Whatever happened to eating real food? In a world of fasts and fads, whirlwind diets and mealtime anxiety, isn’t it time we took back the joy of eating real, whole food and enjoyed the good health, energy and glowing vitality that can go with that? We only need to look at the increasing incidence of diabetes, food intolerances, allergies and digestive irritations and disorders to see that whatever it is we’re doing to our food, it’s not agreeing with us…In Real Delicious, Chrissy Freer will show you how quick, easy, satisfying and invigorating it is to cook and eat real food. These are simply delicious recipes to share with family and friends for your whole life…Eat real, eat well and love it!



My View:

This recipe book matches my cooking/eating preferences exactly! Give me real food any day – meals made with fresh produce, made with flavour and encompassing ingredients from the wide spectrum available to us – nutrition and flavour are not sacrificed when making any of these recipes.


The book is helpfully divided into chapters –



Meat and Tofu

Eggs, Seeds and Nuts

From the Vegetable Patch

From the Sea

From the Dairy

From the Orchard


The recipes are easy to follow and easy to make – successes are guaranteed. What I love the most aside from the helpful descriptions/discussion regarding ingredients/nutrition under each chapter and the chapter dedicated to From The Vegetable Patch (this was always going to be a favourite for me) is the design and layout of the book; beautiful images (I love to see how a finished recipe should look /be presented) and ingredients are listed in order of use in the recipe. I cannot emphasis how important this listing of ingredients is – so many times this experienced home cook has made the mistake of getting almost to the end of a recipe to discover I have missed something out /or I am out of step with the addition of the ingredients – it make so much sense to list the ingredients in the order of their use – why don’t all cook books follow this simple rule?


This is the book to have on your recipe shelf!






You Reap What You Sow

The past few weeks the weather in Western Australia and in particular our region, has been extremely hot. I know it is summer but it has been unusually hot and the heat has persisted for days on end. The reverse cycle air conditioner we thought we would mainly use for heating has been getting a work out. The heat however has been great for our summer crops – we have just harvested a great looking crop of Butternut Pumpkins ( see picture below – they are ripening in the sun) I have so many cucumbers I don’t know what to do with them, hubby has just picked a basketful of long eggplant, a bag of stringless beans, a handful of snow peas, a sink full of silver beet ( spinach), the tomatoes are ripening a handful a  day but there in the coming weeks will have a deluge of lovely tomatoes – roma, cherry tomatoes, mini yellow roma, mini red roma, red heirloom tomatoes……onions – brown, red and white and the kale plants has turned into a tree! And we have just planted a second crop of potatoes – we have one box left of the last crop. Have I missed anything? Oh yes capsicums, chilies, broccoli and soon a few lettuces. The zucchini have almost done their dash-thankfully, as I am running out of room in my freezer! It is a great time of year for growing your own vegetables.


I love having fresh picked, home grown vegetables. I love knowing that they are grown naturally, chemically free and just bursting with a taste you do not get in the supermarkets. I just wish I knew a little more about how to use/preserve these veg for another day. The freezer is very useful- I have a freezer full of broad beans, grated zucchini (ideal for fritters, for soups, for adding to the dogs rice …)plenty of frozen spinach and kale ( though these greens I prefer to use fresh or juice), some pasta sauces, some frozen dehydrated tomatoes ( yum as they are, great to add intense flavour to soups etc and wonderful to make your own sundried tomatoes),frozen grated beetroot ( ideal to put straight into chocolate cake) and frozen green beans. Potatoes, onions and pumpkins will happily sit in the pantry until required.

I have successfully made beetroot relish (great with cheese), I have made eggplant and zucchini pickle and I am dehydrating tomatoes.  Any other suggestions as to how to use up all this veg would be appreciated.

Does anyone juice? I am a big fan of green/vegetable based juicing. Each year when we have this glut of fresh vegetables I turn to juicing as a way to boost my intake of vitamins and minerals and to use up some of this abundance of veg. (I have newly acquired attitude towards waste and excess…..I can’t stand either) Within a week of juicing my normally weak easily breakable fingernails are transformed to diamond strength, my eyes are clear and bright and I generally feel invigorated.  I really should do this more often, not just when we have a glut of vegetables.

The problem is however how to fit all of this eating/juicing into my day (I am also on a “health” regime – trying to stall the rapidly approaching painful symptoms of osteoarthritis.) Getting old sucks.  I have researched and found anecdotal evidence that MSM (sulphur) a nasty bitter supplement is meant to be useful, I am having Vit D and Calcium, Fish Oil, Chia seed and LSA daily, and I have made bone broth (from free range, grass fed local beef) which I have used as a basis for soup (to which I have added plenty of our vegetables.) By the time I have eaten and juiced and drank all of the above I am full.

Does anyone else suffer from osteoarthritis and what have you found makes a difference? The best advice my GP has given me is to take daily paracetamol –a slow release variety. Surely there must be a better more natural way to combat this condition (at the moment 3 discs in my neck are affected and my little fingers are sore and inflamed, the knees…. well replacement when I am of certain age might do the trick……Enough…. I don’t want this.

Happy juicing, and my family and friends – look out for a box of fresh veggies and preserves heading your way soon. 🙂