Post Script: My Grandparents Love Me – Claire Freedman & Judi Abbot

My Grandparents Love Me

My Grandparents Love Me

Claire Freedman & Judi Abbot

Simon & Schuster

Paula Wiseman Books

ISBN: 9780857075864



From the illustrator of I Love Dad and I Love Mom comes a joyful celebration of grandparents everywhere and the special bonds they share with their grandchildren.


I’m off to Gran and Grandpa’s,

with a big smile on my face.

I always feel wrapped up in love,

when I stay at their place!


A visit to Gran and Grandpa’s is always a special time filled with sweet treats, fun, and love.



My View:

Substitute Grandmamma and Poppy and this is the perfect read for our grandson – and he did love this being read to him.

Grandmamma and Grandson

Having a grandchild is the most wonderful experience and this book cleverly captures that wonderful bond between grandparent and grandchild.


Babies are never too young to enjoy the experience a book provides.




Post Script: Baby Pip Eats – Amie Harper

Baby Pip Eats


Baby Pip Eats

Amie Harper

Murdoch Books

ISBN: 9781743368510



Introduce your baby to nutritious food that the whole family will love.


You only have one chance to introduce your little one to food.


In Baby Pip Eats, nutritionist, recipe developer and stylist Amie Harper transforms this rite of passage into a vibrant learning experience for both you and your bub. Featuring an A-Z of nourishing recipes that are quick, easy and perfect for the whole family, this book is full of delicious ideas for feeding your baby or toddler.


See your child become a passionate, petite foodie with this charmingly styled collection of a new family’s food moments.



My View:

As those who regularly read my blog will know I have recently become a first time grandmamma. It is a delightful time in my life – I am loving being part of my grandson’s life. He is currently 9 weeks old and already I am planning the books I will start reading to him (this week reading starts) and I am planning the foods I am going to make for him when he starts on solids.


I am very keen to ensure that his healthy start to life continues by making him fresh, interesting, organic, nutritious meals free from artificial colourings, flavourings, and preservatives or salt. The recipes here are for meals that both you and your baby (who has started to try solids) can enjoy.  Simple yet tasty meals – like pumpkin risotto, potato pancakes, fritters with sweet potato and ricotta… beef and mushroom ragu with pasta…


The book is beautifully presented – each recipe is accompanied by a full sized image of the meal on the opposite page; you can sit and “read” this book with your child   – a fun kind of food “Show and Tell, a great way to help develop language or you can just make and enjoy.  This book is a great tool for first time grandparents’ and parents alike.