Post Script: Police – Jo Nesbo

Back at his brutal best!


A Harry Hole thriller (Oslo Sequence 8)

Jo Nesbo

Random House Australia Pty Ltd

Harvill Secker

ISBN: 9781846555978



The victims are carefully chosen. The locations former crime scenes. The killings no accident. The target: police.
After recovering from a near fatal shooting, Harry Hole has finally retired from active duty. He hears about the case but keeps his distance, determined to protect those he loves from the danger that he can never seem to escape.
But as the media pressure intensifies, Harry finds himself advising an unofficial task force investigating the murders. Drawn into a dangerous web of cold cases and precarious allegiances, Harry can’t guarantee protection for anyone. Least of all himself.

My View:

Jo Nebo has returned with a book that is outstanding and gripping. It is full of red herrings, grim and grisly murders, and the self doubts, recriminations and guilt that Harry Hole is renowned for. This book returns Jo Nesbo to the top of the tree! He has written a masterpiece of crime fiction that will leave you guessing, and has delivered an ending that has you counting down, holding your breath, fearful, and waiting for the next installment in this series.  A great read!