The DVD of 35 Letters Has Arrived

A limited number of DVD’s are available direct from the filmmaker.

35 letters DVDTo purchase a copy of the award winning documentary “35 Letters” direct from the film makers please email Janine:

A moving film which highlights the issues of the Voluntary Euthanasia debate – a very personal story. Have the tissues at the ready.

About The Film:

This is the story of an ordinary life with an extraordinary ending Angelique Flowers was the girl next door; the daughter, the sister, the aunty, the student. She loved the Bronte sisters and Shakespeare. She posed for photographs on Oscar Wildes’ tombstone. She baked scones. She watched the Biggest Loser. An aspiring writer, Angelique planned to write a novel. She wrote letters to her sister Michelle who lives in Canada. She wrote a total of 35 letters to mark Michelle’s 35th birthday; a birthday she subconsciously knew she would never be able to share with her. This is a story we share with you, of simple things: of the joy freshly baked biscuits hot from the oven, of clouds, of dreams and family birthdays, of song lyrics that make you laugh, make you cry, of hope and of the joy of the every day. Angelique alludes to her ill health, she never dwells on it. If you blink you miss the clues….blink again her life is over.