Post Script: Homemade Takeaway – Julie Goodwin

Julie Goodwin's Homemade Takeaway

Homemade Takeaway

Julie Goodwin

Hachette Australia

ISBN: 9780733632136



Let Julie Goodwin, Australia’s favourite family cook, show you how to make your favourite takeaway dishes – at home, from scratch!


Cheaper, healthier, and even faster than waiting for your order! Feel good about enjoying take away and save money at the same time. Julie Goodwin is back with Homemade Takeaway. In this beautiful new fully illustrated cookbook, Julie will teach you how to make all your best-loved take away meals.


Whether it’s the local bakery or the corner store, chicken shop or your favourite Thai or Indian takeaway, Julie has it covered. There’s no need to go out for comfort food or family favourites like Chilli Chicken with Cashews or Lamb Shank Pie. They’re all here – over 150 recipes that use fresh, seasonal produce to bring you the takeaway food you love.


Feel good about enjoying take away with the family, and save money at the same time with Homemade Takeaway.




My View:

The perfect cook book for the home cook. Be in control of the food you eat; know exactly what ingredients are in the meals you eat and enjoy, quality meals do not need to be exorbitantly priced – simply make the meal at home with fresh season produce, it is easy to do with Julie Goodwin Homemade Takeaway –with step by step guides and great images to guide you along your cooking journey.


There are over one hundred and fifty recipes here, Julie Goodwin divides the book into types of popular cuisine – she starts with Lebanese (includes such favourites as kofta, baklava, yoghurt flat bread to name but a few), then there are Thai, Chinese, Tex Mex, Indian, Italian, a chapter on the Aussie Corner Store (which includes a huge variety of burgers, beer battered fish, chips…) then we have the Chicken Shop

(all things chicken including southern fried chicken, schnitzel…and sides – potato bake, rice salad, pasta salad and much much more) and then my personal favourite chapter – The Bakery. The Bakery covers all the family favourites – sausage rolls, lamb shank pie (so delicious), finger buns, cherry ripe brownies, flourless chocolate and orange cake, pastries, carrot cake….YUM.


As you can see there is something here for all to enjoy .In this book Julie’s love and passion for cooking is evident on every page -as Julie explains “ Anyone who knows me or has eaten at my table will know: enjoyment of the food is paramount. It must be generous, flavourful, hot out of the pans or from the oven; eaten in good health and good cheer; shared with people whose company you love. It should bring happiness to all who eat it.”(Introduction p.X) It is no wonder Julie Goodwin is one of Australia’s best loved food creatives.