Domestic Noir- Is It For You?

Domestic Noir banner Hachette Aus

Are you a fan of domestic noir? I am – most definitely, so much so I will be setting up a separate page to list and identify novels that I have read that fit into this genre. Stay tuned.

Will you like this sub genre ? I think you will or already are – there have been some great examples of this sub genre making headlines lately; Girl on the Train, Gone Girl, Under Your Skin, The Bones of You (review scheduled, this one is fantastic!) …  to name a few. Well the lovely people at Hachette Australia recently circulated this very relevant explanation and have given me permission to  post it here:

“What is domestic noir, I hear you ask, and why would I want to read it?

Well, if you’ve read Gone Girl, The Silent Wife, Under your Skin, What Lies Within or The Girl on the Train, you’ve already dipped your toe in to the thrilling, murky pool of what we here at Hachette Australia have dubbed Domestic Noir. It’s always gripping, sometimes gritty, with scenery that could be your home and scenarios you hope you never find yourself in.

We asked Gone Girl publisher Kirsty Dunsheath why we’re so fascinated by this nail-biting genre: ‘I think we’ve long known that some of the most dramatic situations can be domestic – what takes place at home, behind closed doors. Within the intimacy of family life, of partnerships, we share our innermost thoughts and feelings, we lay ourselves bare and in doing so, we also reveal our weakest points. It is a truism that those we love the most have the greatest power to hurt us, because they know exactly what makes us angry, or disappointed, or frustrated, also what drives us and makes us feel content or fulfilled.’

Kirsty goes on to say that ‘It is that dynamic, where passions are the strongest and most keenly felt, that provides such rich territory for writers. What if we explore all those simmering tensions and take them to extremes?  What if, after several years of being together, we were to wake up one day and no longer recognise the person lying next to us?… I think readers identify with this, they are aware of the way couples can manipulate each other, the little power plays – often unintentional and without malice – within a close relationship. It is simply that we know what makes each other tick.’ ”


What novels have you read and loved that fall into this category? I am starting a wish list.