I have a 3 book deal with Audible!

Congratulations! So excited for you Rebecca and what a generous way to celebrate – with a free book.

Rebecca Bradley

I wrote the body of this blog post before I wrote the title and when I came to write the title and realised I was going to be so blunt about things, I had to come back down to the basics of the post itself and do some rewrites as I have said it all in eight little words.

audibleSo, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! You read that correctly. I have a three book deal with Audible.

For anyone who has been wondering where the new Hannah Robbins book is and for anyone who likes listening to their books audibly this is what’s been happening.

I’m really thrilled and excited to be able to say that a short time ago I signed a three book deal with Audible, the largest provider of audio books to the listening market. I was absolutely stunned when they approached me and even more stunned when…

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Read the tips and tricks here, thanks Monique for doing the prep work…I am jumping onto this band wagon – expect a colouring in book review from me soonish 🙂

Write Note Reviews

Searching through an op shop years ago, I found a workbook that was designed to help people pray using colour. I was going through an extremely challenging time and the concept struck a chord in me; I was already interested in art as a therapy, and I could see how colour could help focus the spirit on reflection, relaxation and letting go, among other things. The book is long gone, lost over a couple of house moves, but since then I have often turned to art therapy as a way to relax myself and take my mind off worries; for me, drawing mandalas is particularly good.

Sometimes, though, it’s nice to have the therapy without having to plan out the art and that’s where colouring books for adults make great therapy. I bought one for my mother last year and since then, these books are everywhere. Not long ago, Murdoch Books sent me…

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