Rustleberry Sundae: Beyond The Farm Gate – Danielle Cosltey

Beyond the Farm Gate

Beyond The Farm Gate

Danielle Costley

Margaret River Press


Rustleberry Sundae

Preparation Time – 10 mins

Serves four

300 g fresh or frozen rustleberries

1 litre of vanilla ice cream

200 ml rustleberry sauce

100 g white chocolate shavings

mint leaves to garnish


Place a layer of fresh or defrosted rustleberries in the bottom of each glass or serving dish. Allow vanilla ice cream to soften slightly and gently swirl through half of the rustleberry sauce. Place a few scoops of this rustleberry ice cream in each dish and then top with remaining berries.

Drizzle remaining sauce over the top and complete with shavings of white  chocolate and a few mint leaves.


*Rustleberries – a cross between an old English Raspberry and a Blackberry. Rustleberries thrive in the Southern Forests region – West Manjimup to be precise.  The season runs from December to March.

rustleberry sundae


Image courtesy Chris Gurney