Post Script – Being Jade – Kate Belle

This is the perfect book club read – elegantly written, contemporary issues including the universal question about how do we define love and the perimeters of that love.

Being Jade

Being Jade

Kate Belle

Simon& Schuster

A CBS Company

ISBN: 9781925030044





A tragic death. A family divided. Only truth can set them free.


Banjo Murphy is killed on the night he finally walks away from his wife, Jade, after twenty-five years of her adultery. In the aftermath, Banjo is bewildered to discover he still exists, and in despair he watches Jade collapse into deep depression and his daughters, Lissy and Cassandra, struggle with their unexpected loss.


Lissy is tortured by the mystery surrounding her father’s death. What compelled Banjo to leave the night he died? And why won’t Jade talk about what happened? Despite their volatile relationship, Lissy believes her parents’ love to have been enduring, but sensible


Cassandra sees things differently. When Cassy discovers a sketchbook chronicling Jade’s affairs, the truth of their parents’ relationship begins to unfold and Lissy’s loyalties are divided.


Searching for answers, Lissy contacts Jade’s ex-lovers. And watching from afar, Banjo aches as he discovers what these men meant to Jade – until Lissy’s quest reveals an explosive truth …


One that will finally set their family free.



My View:

This is such an eloquent, sensual and visually stunning read…Kate Belle where is the art to go with the book? You described the works so passionately and richly I could see the images in my own minds eye – this is a joy to experience. Kate Belle plays the devil’s advocate in this novel when she creates our protagonist, Jade, who leads an unconventional life, has unconventional relationships, creates unconventional art and challenges the role of and image of women in modern society. This novel is rich with ideas and provides so many challenges to the stereotypical notion of contemporary woman that it is sure to bring fervour and excitement to any book reading community.


I think the most thought provoking question presented in this narrative is about the capacity to love and to love more than one person at a time, a behaviour taboo in most of today’s modern world. If I love you does that diminish or enhance my ability to love others and should we put restrictions on our capacity to love? What a great debate to be had here!


A fantastic read on so many levels; complex, engaging, intriguing, mesmerising. Enjoy!