Preserved Lemons

Preserved lemons – have you ever made  them or perhaps used them in cooking?  How do you make yours and how do you use the finished product?

We have an abundance of lemons at the moment, I have juiced and frozen the juice for later, and still have plenty of lemons so I thought I would try preserving them. It is easy enough, you just need some large jars, lemons, salt and some spices. I have two slightly different recipes – one you the cut lemons, add salt and leave for a week in jar, then squash down the lemons in the jar then add spices, top with olive oil and store in cupboard for a month before use.

The other you  add a layer of salt to bottom of the jar before filling, cut the lemons and mix with spices and  additional salt and firmly pack into a jar and top with lemon juice if needed, then finish with a layer of olive oil and leave for two months. It will be interesting to see any differences in the end results.

Can you use the salty lemon juice for anything?

preserved lemons