Flash Giveaway – Whiskey and Charlie – Annabel Smith

“Do you love Australian Authors? Do You live in the USA? If so I am pleased to offer one lucky reader a copy of Annabel Smith’s new release Whiskey & Charlie courtesy of Sourcebooks. If you would like to enter for this giveaway please like this post and I will make a random draw tomorrow 11 March 2015 10pm Western Australian time.  The publisher will post the book to the lucky winner.


Whiskey and Charlie - Annabel Smith: Sourcebooks

Whiskey and Charlie – Annabel Smith: Sourcebooks


First They Were Family. Then They Were Strangers. Now They Are Lost.

Whiskey and Charlie might have come from the same family, but they’d tell you two completely different stories about growing up. Whiskey is everything Charlie is not — bold, daring, carefree — and Charlie blames his twin brother for always stealing the limelight, always getting everything, always pushing Charlie back.

When they were just boys, the secret language they whispered back and forth over their crackly walkie-talkies connected them, in a way. The two-way alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta) became their code, their lifeline. But as the brothers grew up, they grew apart. By the time the twins reach adulthood, they are barely even speaking to each other.

When Charlie hears that Whiskey has been in a terrible accident and has slipped into a coma, Charlie can’t make sense of it. Who is he without Whiskey? As days and weeks slip by and the chances of Whiskey recovering grow ever more slim, Charlie is forced to consider that he may never get to say all the things he wants to say.

A compelling and unforgettable novel about rivalry and redemption, WHISKEY AND CHARLIE is perfect for anyone whose family has ever been less than picture-perfect.


About Annabel Smith: (http://annabelsmith.com/ )


“I am the author of Whiskey & Charlie (published in Australia as Whisky Charlie Foxtrot) digital interactive novel/app The Ark, and A New Map of the Universe, which was shortlisted for the West Australian Premier’s Book Awards. My short fiction and non-fiction has been published in iconic journals Southerly and Westerly, and I have been privileged to be selected as a writer-in-residence at Katherine Susannah Prichard Writers Centre and the Fellowship of Australian Writers. I have been an invited guest, as panellist and chair, at Melbourne Writers Festival, Perth Writers Festival and regional festivals in Albany and Margaret River. I hold a PhD in Writing from Edith Cowan University, am an Australia Council Creative Australia Fellow, and a member of the editorial board of Margaret River Press. I am currently working on Monkey See, an epic quest with a sci-fi twist featuring a monkey, an evil priestess and the mother of all tsunamis.” – See more at: http://annabelsmith.com/?page_id=7#sthash.lzi3xCZY.dpuf