Post Script: No Cure For Love – Peter Robinson

 “Before you discovered DCI Banks, Detective Arvo Hughes was on the case in this vintage standalone crime thriller from Peter Robinson.”

Cover No Cure For Love

No Cure For Love

Peter Robinson

Hachette Australia

Hodder & Stoughton

ISBN: 9781473610941



Before you discovered DCI Banks, Detective Arvo Hughes was on the case in this vintage standalone crime thriller from Peter Robinson.


In 1990s Los Angeles, the beautiful star of a hit TV cop show is being sent strange letters.


At first, Sarah Broughton dismisses the letters as the ramblings of a lonely fan. But when the letters take on a disturbing tone and Sarah discovers a body in the sand outside her Malibu beach house, the experts are brought in.


Working as a detective in the LAPD Threat Management Unit, Arvo Hughes has seen it all before: stalkers, love obsessionals, erotomaniacs – willing to kill themselves and their supposed love objects over their devotion. He knows the language they use and the patterns they follow.


But there is no pattern to follow here. Dealing with a highly unpredictable but extremely violent killer, Arvo feels certain Sarah’s stalker must have met her before. But with the squeaky-clean star doing all she can to keep memories of a shady history locked away, Arvo must delve into her past himself.



My View:

I must confess I have never come across the author Peter Robinson or the DCI Banks mysteries, so for me this was my first experience of reading this author; I had no expectations. Now I have had taste of his writing I have nothing but praise for Robinson’s writing and a desire for the author to continue to write about the protagonists in this novel in a new series and to read the DCI Banks novels. My Wish List has just jumped an enormous twenty odd books! What have you done Peter Robinson? (But let me share a secret with you – nothing gives me greater reading pleasure than discovering a new author who is already successful and highly regarded and who has already written many many books (and Police Procedurals are one of my favourite genres). I love to collect an entire series and then read one after the other – what a gift I am sometimes lucky enough to indulge in.


This book – well written, great characters, twists and turns you won’t see coming and locations that are written like an image on a 3D map – real and visual. The narrative talks to a time that most have some awareness of the 1990’s – a heady time of excesses, fame, drugs and wealth… and the words of the master, Leonard Cohen, echo in my mind, “There aint no cure for love…”




Post Script: Life or Death – Michael Robotham

Outstanding, seductive and intriguing!

Life or Death

Michael Robotham

Hachette Australia


ISBN: 9780751552898


The chilling new psychological thriller from one of the most brilliant crime authors of today.

Why would a man escape from prison the day before he’s due to be released?

Audie Palmer has spent a decade in prison for an armed robbery in which four people died, including two of his gang. Five million dollars has never been recovered and everybody believes that Audie knows where the money is.

For ten years he has been beaten, stabbed, throttled and threatened almost daily by fellow inmates and prison guards, who all want to answer this same question, but suddenly Audie vanishes, the day before he’s due to be released.

Everybody wants to find Audie, but he’s not running. Instead he’s trying to save a life . . . and not just his own.



My View:

Michael Robotham hits another home run! This narrative is so brilliant it shines like a beacon calling you to read, except… I couldn’t; I was seduced by the story and the character of Audie Plamer and I could not bear to read that yet another disaster had knocked him down to his knees. Instead of reading in one night as I would normally do for such an intriguing narrative, I had to force myself to keep reading, I was so entrenched in Audie’s world and the belief in his innocence and seduced by this character’s serene voice that each time corruption and conspiracy of the highest levels attacked him and I could not see a way out, I feared for Audie and I had to stop reading. I couldn’t see a positive conclusion, just more hurt. It took me days to read…I didn’t want it to end.


This is a brilliant narrative, with meaningful dialogue, characterisations and settings that are authentic and a plot that twists and turns with conspiracies a plenty (and did I mention a beautiful love story?) Robotham writes masterfully and seductively. His passion for his craft is obvious in the execution of his work – intriguing, enchanting and fast paced and action packed, his words never tired or dreary or forced. Another brilliant standalone from the master of the psychological thriller.