Review: The Sunday Girl – Pip Drysdale

The Sunday Girl

The Sunday Girl

Pip Drysdale

Simon & Schuster Australia

ISBN: 9781925685824



The Girl on the Train meets Before I Go to Sleep with a dash of Bridget Jones in this chilling tale of love gone horribly wrong …


Some love affairs change you forever. Someone comes into your orbit and swivels you on your axis, like the wind working on a rooftop weather vane. And when they leave, as the wind always does, you are different; you have a new direction. And it’s not always north.


Any woman who’s ever been involved with a bad, bad man and been dumped will understand what it feels like to be broken, broken-hearted and bent on revenge. Taylor Bishop is hurt, angry and wants to destroy Angus Hollingsworth in the way he destroyed her: Insidiously. Irreparably. Like a puzzle, he’d slowly dissembled … stolen a couple of pieces from, and then discarded, knowing that nobody would ever be able to put it back together ever again. So Taylor consulted The Art of War and made a plan. Then she took the next step – one that would change her life forever.


Then things get really out of control – and The Sunday Girl becomes impossible to put down.



My View:

“You always know where your heart belongs when it gets to Sunday and there is only one person in the whole world you want to curl up with on the sofa.” P.59


This is a read in one sitting, forget what’s happening in the outside world as you urge the protagonist to safety. Secretly you smile as her plan begins to form – who hasn’t harboured a little grudge against an ex before? You empathise, you become a silent player in this game of cat and mouse. And then…


Well you will just have to read this yourself to find out.



Domestic noir at its pulse racing best!  This is my perfect read. More please!

Post Script: I let You Go – Clare Mackintosh

Just another 5 star review of this book.

I Let You Go

I Let You Go

Clare Macintosh


Little, Brown and Co UK

ISBN: 9780751554151




A tragic accident. It all happened so quickly. She couldn’t have prevented it. Could she?


In a split second, Jenna Gray’s world is shattered. Her only hope of moving on is to walk away from everything she knows to start afresh. Desperate to escape her past, Jenna moves to a remote cottage on the Welsh coast, but she is haunted by her fears, her grief and her memories of the cruel November night that changed her life for ever.


DI Ray Stevens is tasked with seeking justice for a mother who is living every parent’s worst nightmare. Determined to get to the bottom of the case, it begins to consume him as he puts both his professional and personal life on the line.


As Ray and his team seek to uncover the truth, Jenna, slowly, begins to glimpse the potential for happiness in her future. But her past is about to catch up with her, and the consequences will be devastating.




My View:

Lately it seems that every time I stop and read a book review blog or posts on a book site I come across ardent praise for this book I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh. And I will admit that in the past I have sometimes picked up a book that has been thus praised in social media and then have been slightly disappointed – the book being ok, perhaps a little more than ok but my expectations set unrealistically high. Gingerly I picked up this book that has been sitting in a small pile on my floor (pile marked Domestic Noir) and began reading. I read about seventy pages the first night, and was slightly underwhelmed – yes this was a decent police procedural, yes the accident was tragic, yes this is a great expose of grief…but what was the fuss about?


Well a few things happened quite rapidly just after page seventy or so that had me racing to finish this book, the remaining three hundred pages of small print were devoured in one sitting, home life stopped. *A secret I will share with all avid readers who are also the primary household cook – a slow cooked roast or any style of slow cooked meal (soups, crock pot, one pot meals) etc. are a real life saver, you can quickly assemble the ingredients for the meal and let the oven or pot slowly do the work whilst you continue reading. The result – a tasty meal and a few hundred pages read!


Back to the review – a well-developed plot that throws more than a few curve balls at you. A warning – the kitten scene… (No spoilers but this for me informed the rest of the book, I knew what to expect. This is where the tension really was raised. This had an authenticity that was scary. A few more twists, some great characterisations and very visual sense of place – both city and isolated seaside villages that were exquisitely painted, often in shades of morose grey. The dialogue and the sharing of thoughts (particularly Ian’s thoughts) were illuminating and authentic (yes I recognise the “logic”/the blame/the self-talk, Women’s’ Studies 101, Life 101).

Clare Macintosh makes brilliant use of the first person in her revelations, there is nothing more sinister and chilling than hearing Ian’s voice when he is talking/recalling events; cold, distant, impersonal, justifying, blaming…I can hear the underlying unsaid threats, trouble brewing! I can feel the tension. A great read.


So here we have another five star review of I Let You Go, all I can really do is suggest you forget all the reviews, all the hype and just pick up this book and immerse yourself in this brilliant narrative and decide for yourself if my praise is indeed worthy. I think you will agree with me that it is.

Post Script: The Mistake I Made – Paula Daly

Perfect! I loved every minute the book!

cover The Mistake I Made

The Mistake I Made

Paula Daly

Random House UK, Transworld Publishers

Bantam Press

ISBN: 9780593074497



We all think we know who we are.

What we’re capable of.



Roz is a single mother, a physiotherapist, a sister, a friend. She’s also desperate.


Her business has gone under, she’s crippled by debt and she’s just had to explain to her son why someone’s taken all their furniture away.


But now a stranger has made her an offer. For one night with her, he’ll pay enough to bring her back from the edge.


Roz has a choice to make.



My View:

Perfect! I loved every minute the book!


This book draws you in gently; first we get the poignant history of the life of our protagonist Roz. Her life is busy, exhausting, frustrating and full of financial difficulties (racked up by her irresponsible ex-husband and compounded when her small business fails). Life as a single parent supporting her child and servicing the debts she has have pushed her to the brink of sanity – her story is credible and I do not doubt there are many women in this real life situation right now. To be consumed by financial difficulties sucks the life out of …life.


Full engaged in this story of despair and frustration I was shocked when this narrative took a huge turn and suddenly I was in the midst of a fascinating psychological drama! And what a great dram it is – at each turn of the page I was advising the protagonist to back off, keep away, don’t meet up with him – I could see the obsessive controlling nature of this narcissistic beast so clearly – Roz did not seem to notice nor did she hear me.


A great narrative, credible characters…I really loved this book! And the conclusion was very satisfying.


PS I loved the details re Roz’s work as a physiotherapist – this added such depth to her characterisation and situation.