A Unique Children’s Book

The Rabbit Hole Golf Course

The Rabbit-Hole Golf Course

Ella Mulvey and Karen Briggs

Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781925266290



In the big old ute, on the long red road, in the desert of my home, we all set off for the rabbit-hole golf course. It’s the best place around here to find rabbits. We sit by the holes, we dig, we wait . . . Thump tick, thump tick, thump tick. Where are all the rabbits? A warm and funny Australian story.



My View:

Uniquely Australian children’s books do not often cross my desk, in fact I cannot think of any others that are so Australian in language and setting…there are references to damper, utes, billy tea, wattle trees, maku and honey ants (bush tucker).  This is a must purchase for the school and home libraries.


Post Script: The Chimes – Anna Smaill

A book that defies labels and is a fantastic read.

The Chimes

The Chimes

Anna Smaill


Hodder & Stoughton


ISBN: 9781444794533



The Chimes is set in a reimagined London, in a world where people cannot form new memories, and the written word has been forbidden and destroyed.

In the absence of both memory and writing is music.

In a world where the past is a mystery, each new day feels the same as the last, and before is blasphony, all appears lost. But Simon Wythern, a young man who arrives in London seeking the truth about what really happened to his parents, discovers he has a gift that could change all of this forever.

A stunning literary debut by poet and violinist Anna Smaill, The Chimes is a startlingly original work that combines beautiful, inventive


My View:

If anybody had pointed out to me that this novel was a dystopian read I may have thought twice about reading – I was under the false impression that I would not enjoy a dystopian novel, that the sci fi element would not be realistic or believable, the future would not be something I could relate to, I don’t know where that prejudice came from but it is there. I am glad no one pointed out the genre to me. With no knowledge of the author and after reading a limited “blurb” that hooked me with its allusion to a mystery and the seeking of truth; I picked up a book that defies labels and was a fantastic read.

This book is:







And fascinating. I loved the rhythm, the beautifully written prose, the quest, the discoveries, the optimism and the relationships, the visual and melodic aspects of this book. I am so pleased I picked up this book and discovered this amazing read.