Post Script: I Don’t Know What To Call My Cat – Simon Philip and Ella Bailey


I Don’t Know What to Call My Cat

Simon Philip and Ella Bailey

Simon & Schuster Australia

ISBN: 9781471124129



When a cat unexpectedly arrives at her house, a little girl takes him in and tries to find the perfect name. Kitty? Rambo? Mr. Maestro? None of these is quite right. Cat owning is harder than she imagined, and then the cat disappears! Good thing her next pet arrives so unexpectedly—and he’s easy to name, even if he is a bit naughty. But when Steve the Gorilla proves to be much too mischievous to be a pet, the missing, nameless cat just might turn out to be a hero!



My View:

A really fun read that children will love (and adults will smile as they read it too).


Cute, colourful and laugh out loud funny this little story and the images that accompany it are delightful.  This book has a lot to offer the early reader – plenty of locations to spark discussions eg the Vet, the zoo, home, cafes, and activities to discuss. Colour and more colour floods the pages with plenty of opportunities for caregiver/reader and child to enjoy the silliness. A delight to read and share.


Post Script: Chocolate Cake for Breakfast – Danielle Hawkins

A prefect holiday read.

Chocolate Cake for Breakfast, Danielle Hawkins

Chocolate Cake for Breakfast

Danielle Hawkins

Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781743315811



Helen McNeil is a vet in the small rural town of Broadview. While taking evasive action from a dull girl at a party one night she falls over – and fails to recognise – national sporting hero, Mark Tipene. For some mysterious reason Helen never really grasps, Mark finds this charming and appears the next day at the front counter of the vet clinic to ask her out.

A whirlwind romance follows and everything is going swimmingly until one little hiccup changes everything…

Chocolate Cake for Breakfast is the funny and heart-warming story of the pros and cons of dating a man whose shirtless picture adorns a wall in every second lunchroom in the country, of calving cows and crazy cat ladies, and of doing your best when life takes an unexpected turn.

My View:

A delightful holiday read; charming, heart-warming, satisfying. This is pure escapism and I thoroughly enjoyed this read; it is written with a great sense of humour and the author’s passion for the care of animals is obvious and provides a lovely background to the narrative. The author successfully conjures up realistic settings and characters – don’t we all know some of the people/relatives described in this book? New Zealand farms, small towns, animal husbandry, the culture of sport and fame are well documented and open for discussion. I particular liked the ease of the conversations/dialogue in this novel, both spoken and in thoughts; the humour and sarcasm works well and helps provide an insight into the main character’s life.

The main character is appealing; smart, generally happy, easy going and resourceful without being saccharin sweet. Neither was she a victim.  I liked this character and the story development.

Although this is not my usual genre of reading it provided the best salve for my soul after reading a particularly gruesome and confronting psychological thriller. This is a great holiday read and I look forward to reading more from this author.