Review: Cicada Shaun Tan

Cicada by Shaun Tan


Shaun Tan

Hachette Australia


ISBN: 9780734418630



Cicada tells the story of a hardworking little cicada who is completely unappreciated for what he does. But in the end, just when you think he’s given up, he makes a transformation into something ineffably beautiful. A metaphor for growing up? A bit of inspiration for the unappreciated striver in all of us? Yes, yes, and more.


My View:

Minimalist in style with simple illustrations but big on messages – this book is a delight to read.





Post Script: Duck Gets A Job – Sonny Ross

Duck Gets A Job

Duck Gets a Job

Sonny Ross

Five Mile Press

ISBN: 9781760405359



Duck wants a job. All his friends work in big city banks, and they never stop going on about how much they love it. Duck doesn’t think a job in a big city bank sounds very exciting, but he picks one out of the paper, gets an interview, and gets the job. It’s not long before he realises that the job is NOT for him. He needs to follow his heart and his dream of being an artist. He quits his job at the bank and makes a decision. He is going to be an artist! He puts all the pictures he has drawn into a portfolio and goes off for another interview. He gets the job! He loves the job!



My View:

The book will delight both child and the adult reader – the child ( recommended for 4 + years)  will delight in the fabulous illustrations and Duck’s adventure in the big city; Duck wondering what he should wear, getting lost, feeling nervous…finding happiness.  The adult reader will find it hard to contain their laughter as they discover the irony and the humour hidden in plain sight in this read. (See posters on the office walls, thought bubbles, Duck sleeping at his desk…) Duck’s journey of self-awareness and self-discovery will resonate with many adults, young children, will for now, just enjoy this unique narrative and the fun illustrations. For the older child, Duck’s adventures provide plenty of opportunities for the reader to initiate conversations about following your dreams…being yourself.


I enjoyed this book 🙂




My Work and My New Blog

Hi All

As I may have hinted about this in the past; I work in Australian film and television. These days I predominantly work on documentaries – in various roles – production accounting ( handling the money or lack of 🙂 ), production support, Associate Producer and on the latest job I am  a co -producer. It is the latest job I am most excited about –   I  strongly believe that this film should be made and viewed and  that maybe people power can make changes. More about  the subject of the film later.

I am making this film with a highly regarded and award winning documentary maker Janine Hosking. I have known and worked with Janine for about ten years.  Wish us well in our pursuit.

Thus far the film really has no budget  to speak of – it is being made through the generous donations  from so many people who share in our vision.  This seed funding has allowed us to start up this  production – the story of Angelique Flowers.

Briefly this is our film: 35 Letters

35 Letters- Angelique Flowers

This is the story of an ordinary life with an extraordinary ending Angelique Flowers was the girl next door; the daughter, the sister, the aunty, the student. She loved the Bronte sisters and Shakespeare. She posed for photographs on Oscar Wildes’ tombstone. She baked scones. She watched the Biggest Loser. An aspiring writer, Angelique planned to write a novel.  She wrote letters to her sister Michelle who lives in Canada.  She wrote a total of 35 letters to mark Michelle’s 35th birthday; a birthday she subconsciously knew she would never be able to share with her.  This is a story we share with you, of simple things: of the joy freshly baked biscuits hot from the oven, of clouds, of dreams and family birthdays, of song lyrics that make you laugh, make you cry, of hope and of the joy of the every day.  Angelique alludes to her ill health, she never dwells on it. If you blink you miss the clues….blink again her life is over.

I am just starting a new blog to celebrate the making of the film,  please take a look and follow our journey.

Twenty Four Hours in My Life

The past twenty four hours  have been hectic, chaotic and frustrating. And that’s just the start of it. 🙂

I have:

  • Written one book review. 🙂
  • Had many Skype conversations/meetings – work related  with the USA, UK, and Canada and consequently worked till midnight to accommodate all the time zones. 
  • I needed and had 2 glasses of red wine in between dinner and more calls and then at midnight – 2 small glasses of Lemon and Ginger Port. Ahhhhh.
  • I slept for 8 hours then started again.
  • I have sat by my phone waiting for a call that was supposed to happen immediately – 5 hours ago.
  • I have finished the final stage in the pickling process of making olives.
  • I have answered at least 30 emails.
  • I have made lunch – albeit just cheese on toast!
  • I am awaiting another call/email regarding filming protocols in Parliament.
  • I have sent money overseas – an achievement in itself these days.
  • I have hugged my dog.
  • I have been impatient with my husband ( sorry – you know I dont do tired very well. I’ll try and be more patient in future).

How has your day been?