Domestic Noir – Novels By Author

Domestic Noir banner Hachette Aus

This must be my favourite genre – so glad there is a fitting name and description for the style of book I love to read.

Have you read any of these (featured in the banner) or  know any others that fit this genre? Here are my suggestions of great examples of this read.  This is  a very subjective selection of books but then reading is very subjective, we may not always agree with the classifications but it a good place to start looking if you like the domestic psychological thriller.  (Those underlined are linked to my review those not linked are on my wish list).


Abbott Megan – You Will Know Me

Berry Flynn – Under The Harrow

Bolton Sharon – Little Black Lies

Cohen Tamar (Tammy) Dying for Christmas

Crouch Julia – Cukoo

Crouch Julia – Tarnished

Day Paula  – Keep Your Friends Close 

Drysdale Pip- The Sunday Girl  – review coming soon

Durrant Sabine – Remember Me This Way

Durrant Sabine – Under Your Skin

Flynn Gillian – Gone Girl

Flynn Gillian – Sharp Objects

Flynn Gillian – Dark Places

Foster Sara – All That Is Lost Between Us 

Fountain N J  – Painkiller

George Anna – What Came Before

Harrison A.S.A. – The Silent Wife

Hawkins Paula – Girl On The Train

Hayder Mo – Wolf

Haynes Elizabeth – Into the Darkest Corner – read a few years ago – the most spine tingling book- ever!

Hendriks Greer & Pekkanen Sarah – The Wife Between Us

Howells Debbie – The Bones of You

James Wendy – The Lost Girls

James Wendy – The Golden Child

Kaden Kylie – Missing You

Kelly Erin – The Ties That Bind

Kent Christobel – The Crooked House

Kepnes Caroline – You

Korelitz Jean Hanff – You Should Have Known

Kubica Mary – The Good Girl

Lock Kim – Like I Can Love

Maguire Emily – An Isolated Incident

MacIntosh Claire – I Let You Go

MacIntosh Claire – I See You

McBeth Colette – Precious Thing

McKenzie Sophie – Close My Eyes

Seddon Holly – Try Not To Breathe

Slaughter Karin – Pretty Girls

Steiner Susie  – Missing,  Presumed

Treadway Jessica – If She Did It

Ware Ruth  – In A Dark Dark Wood 

Watson S J – Before I Go To Sleep

Vowler Tom – What Lies Within

Young Natalie – Season of Taste

















6 thoughts on “Domestic Noir – Novels By Author

  1. My domestic Noir display at work needs constant topping up – very popular, and I have used your suggestions above to put books on hold for it, Thank you Carol. I need to think of my next display???

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