Geode Bomb : Fizz Boom Bath – Isabel Bercaw & Caroline Bercaw

Fizz Boom Bath!

Images and text from Fizz Boom Bath by Isabel Bercaw & Caroline Bercaw, Quarto US, RRP $27.99. Photography by Evie Abeler


Fizz Boom Bath © 2018 by Quarto Publishing Group USA Inc. Da Bomb is a registered trademark of Da Bomb, LLC. “Sisterpreneurs” is a trademark of Da Bomb, LLC. Photography: Evi Abeler. First published in 2018 by Rock Point, an imprint of The Quarto Group 142 West 36th Street, 4th Floor New York, NY 10018 USA.


Geode Bomb (Page 49)





Fizz Boom Bath - Geode Bomb





¾ CUP (180 ML) OIL










1 In a large bowl, mix together the baking soda, citric acid, and cornstarch.


2 In a separate bowl, combine the oil and fragrance.


3 Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix with your hands until the mixture becomes the consistency of wet sand. (If you don’t like to get your hands messy, you can wear rubber gloves for this part.) The more vigorous your mixing style, the better the ingredients will be distributed, so don’t be shy. Five minutes of stirring, compressing, and kneading should do the trick.


4 Press a ½-inch (13 mm) layer of bath bomb mix into the mold. The sides should be higher than the center, like the peel of a hollowed-out orange, and the edges should be a bit ragged. Allow to dry completely before removing from the molds.


5 Next, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the silver mica. Stir until a thin paste forms. With a paintbrush, paint the outside of the bomb with the paste. Let sit for 1 hour.


6 Add approximately 1 tablespoon of coarse sea salt to each painted half sphere, making sure to spread the salt to the outer edges of the half sphere.


7 Next, add 12–15 drops of liquid color to the 8 remaining tablespoons of coarse sea salt and mix well to distribute the color.


8 Add the colored sea salt to the center of the bomb and spread it out, as desired.


Note: Spreading it to the very outer edge of the mold will create the most realistic-looking geode.


9 Heat the coconut oil in the microwave for a few seconds to melt it. Using a pipette or spoon, distribute the coconut oil, drop by drop, over the sea salt to bind it together.


10 Let harden and sprinkle the eco glitter on top to complete the look.

Poppy and the Orchestra, Poppy and the Brass Band – Illustrated by Magali Le Huche


Poppy and the Orchestra

Poppy and the Orchestra

Waler Foster Jnr, Illustrated by Magali Le Huche

Allen & Unwin Australia

Quarto Group USA

ISBN: 9781633224018



Go on a musical adventure to the symphony with the adorable dog, Poppy, and see as she meets new friends who introduce her to the sounds of musical instruments.


With 16 buttons to push and hear, kids will love listening to the sounds of the different instruments as they follow along with the story. With colorful illustrations and a new sound to discover on each page, both kids and parents will be entertained and engaged for hours.


Poppy and the Orchestra offers an opportunity to teach kids about classical music and the instruments of the orchestra. Now that is truly unique!



Poppy and the Brass Band

Poppy and the Brass Band

Waler Foster Jnr, Illustrated by Magali Le Huche

Allen & Unwin Australia

Quarto Group USA

ISBN: 9781633224025



There really is no better way to introduce young children to the full-bodied sound of a brass band than with the story of an excited puppy and 16 sound effects. Poppy and the Brass Band has it all.


Go on a musical adventure to the circus with an adorable pup named Poppy. Poppy and the Brass Band takes kids on an adventure with Poppy she meets new friends who introduce her to the sounds of the musical instruments of a brass band. With 16 buttons to push and hear, children will be whisked to a different world while listening to the sounds of the different instruments and follow along with the story.


With colorful illustrations and a new sound to discover on each page, both kids and parents will be entertained and engaged from cover to cover. Poppy and the Brass Band offers an opportunity to teach kids about classical music and the instruments in a brass band.


My View:

These books have been a lifesaver! This week our grandson has been sick with a virus, he has not been his usual happy self and it has taken a lot of effort to keep him entertained – then these two books arrived in the mail! Allen & Unwin Australia you could not have known how perfectly timed their arrival was.  Our grandson is intrigued with these books; he sat quietly and focused on the sounds and the “pushing” to control the “sounds” himself, he listened, he giggled and jiggled to the music as he sat on our laps, or next to us as we read him the story and played the tunes.  He has enjoyed this book, over and over and overJ  These are unique musical books that entertain and educate.


For the Baker In Your Life

Soulful Baker

Soulful Baker: From highly creative fruit tarts and pies to chocolate, desserts and weekend brunch

Julie Jones 

 Jacqui Small

Murdoch Books Australia 




From apple rose and plum and frangipane tarts, to lemon madeleines and muddle cake, trampoline bread and grissini to chocolate ganache, delizia di limone to banana, pecan, and chocolate muffins and fluffy pancakes, this incredible bake book has all the recipes you need to create something beautiful, imaginative and impressive. Whether you’re making pies or cakes, bread or brunch, this stunning book is full of recipes that bakes that feeds your soul as well as your stomach.
Baking became a form of therapy for Julie Jones when her mother, who taught her to bake, was diagnosed with dementia. They began baking together again, and Julie started her Instagram account as a way to document this precious time and now her delicious recipes are available for the first time as a sumptuous cookbook that would make an inspired addition to any kitchen bookshelf!
Learn to cook crafted, beautifully styled pies, tarts, cakes and bakes, but be sure to cook with Julie’s secret ingredient – love.

Across the 175+, heavily illustrated pages, you’ll find chapters on:

Fruit Tarts and Pies, containing recipes like apple rose tart and plum and frangipane tart, plus pastry decoration techniques
Cakes, Bakes and Treats, with dipped lemon madeleines and muddle cake, as well as tips for getting cream fillings right every time
Bread and Yeasted Dough, with trampoline bread and grissini
Chocolate, including a stunning triple chocolate celebration cake and chocolate ganache
Desserts, with delizia di limone and a meringue sharing nest wreath
Weekend Breakfast and Brunch, with banana, pecan, and chocolate muffins and fluffy pancakes.


This is the ideal Christmas present for the baker in your life – regardless of their skill level they will find something in this recipe book that they can conquer and share with those they love, because isn’t that what baking is, sharing food made with love, for those you love? That’s how it works for me anyway. 🙂

And this book is gorgeous!  I love the images (even if you don’t bake you can sit and ohh and ahh at the wonderful creations within this book), and creations/work of arts they are!  Buy this for yourself or for someone you love and get baking today 🙂


**I look forward to sharing a few of the recipes and the glorious art that is the finished product, with you soon.



In The Mail 18th November 2016

I am very excited by the books that arrived in the mail this week.

Books 18/11/016

So many great reads – it is almost better than Christmas!  I have started reading  Melina Marchetta’s  – Tell The Truth Shame The Devil– a great mystery/thriller ( maybe I might finish that tonight),  I have flicked  through  Vivienne Westwood’s Get a Life and I must say I am really keen to start this –  this hardback is beautifully presented – love the detailing on the inside back and front covers and the handwritten message from Vivienne and all the wonderful images sprinkled liberally throughout the book. This would make  a fantastic Christmas gift for someone special (or for yourself, your pretty special too).

I loved Saul Black’s The Killing Lessons  so really looking forward to Lovemurder.

The Rivers of London sounds interesting…  “my story really started when I tried to take a witness statement froma man who was already dead…” This grabbed my attention!  And I see Lisa Unger took my advice and created a novel from one of the novellas she wrote a while back 🙂  Ink and Bone – another I cant wait to start reading. And last but not least – a local publisher – Serenity Press brings us  Writing the Dream; twenty four inspiring stories from many writers you may know or know of – Louise Allan, Sara Foster, Jenn J Mcleod, Monique Mulligan, Sandi Wallace… I cant wait to read your stories!

Post Script: The Zen Kitchen; Easy Japanese Recipes For The Home Cook – Adam Liaw

Fresh ingredients, simple recipes, naturally healthy and delicious meals – beautifully photographed. Adam Liaw provides an interesting dialogue and explains some Japanese traditional food sayings as he walks you through the recipes.


Adam Liaw

The Zen Kitchen

Hachette Australia

ISBN: 9780733634314



The new cookbook from Adam Liaw, one of Australia’s favourite foodie celebrities and former winner of Masterchef. A cookbook of easy-to-prepare Japanese recipes and philosophies for the home kitchen to guide you and your family to healthier, more enjoyable meal times.


We love Japanese food. It’s fast, healthy, easy and delicious.


There’s a reason Japan has some of the longest-lived, healthiest and most food-loving people on the planet. The secret is simple preparation of good ingredients, which makes Japanese cuisine perfect for you to cook at home.


If you thought it was just sushi, think again. In THE ZEN KITCHEN, Adam Liaw guides you through his family favourites like Salt-grilled Salmon, Teriyaki Pork and Mushroom Rolls, Sukiyaki, Sashimi Salad, and Green Tea Roll Cake. These delicious dishes, and many more, will bring new favourites into your kitchen.


With Adam’s simple and accessible style and his belief that cooking is a celebration of food, philosophy and culture, THE ZEN KITCHEN is your practical guide to cooking tasty Japanese family food at home.



My View:

Fresh ingredients, simple recipes, naturally healthy and delicious meals – beautifully photographed. Adam Liaw provides an interesting dialogue and explains some Japanese traditional food sayings as he walks you through the recipes.


I loved this fresh and modern approach to Japanese cooking. “The Japanese approach to food is one we might all admire. Simultaneously respectful, appreciative, enthusiastic and practical, it’s an approach that has produced one of the world’s greatest cuisines and one that is simple to cook, healthy, delicious and hugely varied…. In Japan, food is something used to celebrate, educate. It’s more than just a part of Japanese culture, it is totally Japanese culture presented in its most tangible form.”(Introduction p.1 Adam Liaw)


Come on a journey, be guided by this talented chief, see innovative modern approaches to traditional Japanese cuisine and enjoy some easy to prepare meals.   Adam Liaw shares the five preparation methods of Japanese cooking, provides a basic kitchen equipment list, a list of basic Japanese ingredients including the six basics seasonings  (soy sauce, mirin, sake, sugar and rice vinegar) have these in your pantry and you almost have  a meal. And then Adam Liaw introduces us to:

Pickles stocks and seasonings

Japanese breakfasts

Rice and noodles

Soup and nabemono

Japanese salads



Mainly vegetables and

Semi Sweets.


This will be a useful addition to your kitchen library or make a great Christmas gift.






Post Script: Vogue Colouring Book – Iain R Webb

Cover Vogue Colouring Book

Vogue Colouring Book

Vogue & Iain R Webb

Hachette Australia


ISBN: 9781840917215



Editor’s Choice – The Bookseller


This, the first colouring book from British VOGUE, has been created by award-winning writer, fashion editor, curator and Royal College of Art Professor, Iain R Webb. Celebrating the centenary of British VOGUE, these hand-drawn artworks are inspired by iconic images from the magazine in the 1950s – an era of hats and matching gloves, haughty elegance and hourglass silhouettes (a period that continues to inspire contemporary designers including Miuccia Prada and Dolce & Gabbana). The book features a glamorous dream wardrobe of luxurious ball gowns and soigne cocktail dresses, smart suits and dramatic accessories by key designers including Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy and Chanel. The accompanying captions offer fashion and style tips (often highly amusing in hindsight) and are taken from the original pages of British VOGUE. The c90 artworks can be coloured in in the spirit of the original images that inspired them or embellished with whatever colours and patterns take the reader’s fancy. The colouring book is the perfect present for all those who love vintage fashion and will be published in time for VOGUE’s centenary celebrations in 2016, which begin with a major exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.



My View:

Elegant, glamourous and so fashionable! Take a trip down memory lane and discover fashion from British Vogue’s 1950s style icons. Reminisce or become inspired as you colour your way through this remarkable book of fashion history. A great present for yourself – or that hard to buy for fashion conscious person, add a tin of coloured pencils and you have the perfect Christmas gift.