Reviews – by Author – A – C

Books Reviewed Listed by Author: A-C


Abbott Rachel – The Back Road

Adler- Olsen Jussi – Redemption aka A Conspiracy Of Faith

Adler-Olsen Jussi – Guilt

Allegretto Michael – Night of Reunion 

Amphlett Rachel – Three Lives Down  

Andrews Amy – Limbo 

Andrews Amy & Anna & Teplitzky Gretta & Martin Teplitzky- The Best of Gretta Anna

Apter Jeff- Tragedy The Sad Ballad of the Gibb Brothers 

Arensburg Ann – Sister Wolf

Arlidge M J – Pop Goes The Weasel

Arlidge M J – Eeny Meeny

Aspe Pieter – The Square of Revenge

Aspe Pieter – The Midas Murders

Atkins Clare – Nona & Me



Bachman Frederik – A Man Called Ove

Bachman Frederik – My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Her Apologies 

Barker Dawn – Let Her Go

Barker Dawn – Fractured

Bauer Belinda – Rubbernecker

Bauer Belinda – The Shut Eye

Beckett Simon – Stone Bruises 

Beer Maggie- Maggie Beer’s Summer Harvest Recipes  

Belle Kate – Being Jade

Bellos Alex, Harriss Edmund – Snowflake Seashell Star Colouring Adventures In Numberland  

Bennett Jenn – Night Owls aka The Anatomical Shape of A Heart 

Bennett Kathy – A Deadly Justice

Beukes Lauren – Broken Monsters 

Bicks Caroline & Ephraim Michelle – Shakespeare Not Stirred 

Bilal Parker – Dogstar Rising

Billingham Mark – The Dying Hours

Billingham Mark  – Time of Death

Bingham Harry – Love Story With Murders

Bishop Stephanie – The Other Side of the World

Black Saul – The Killing Lessons

Black J Carson – The Survivors Club

Blackstock Terri – Truth Stained Lies

Blain Georgia – Too Close to Home

Boccabella Zoe – Joe’s Fruit Shop & Milk Bar

Bolton Sharon – A Dark and Twisted Tide

Bolton Sharon – Little Black Lies

Box CJ – Badlands

Boyd William – Solo A James Bond Novel


Bradley James – Cladf

Brantley Peg – The Sacrifice

Brantley Peg – The Missings

Brekke Jorgen – Where Monstes Dwell

Brennan Allison – Notorious

Brown Sandra – Mean Streak

Brown Honey – Dark Horse

Brown Honey – Through The Cracks

Brown Honey – Six Degrees

Brownlee Lucie – Me After You

Bruen Ken – Purgatory

Bruen & Coleman Ken & Reed Farrel – Tower

Bussi Michel – After the Crash

Butland Stephanie – Surrounded by Water aka Letters to my Husband 


Cain Chelsea – One Kick

Cameron Stella – Cold  

Campbell Lorraine – The Butterfly Enigma 

Carey Peter – Amnesia

Carter Alan – Bad Seed 

Carter Chris  – I Am Death  

Casey Jane – The Burning

Casey Jane – Hide and Seek

Cavanagh Steve- The Defence

Cavanaugh Tony – The Train Rider

Cavanaugh Tony – Promise

Cavanaugh Tony – The Kingdom of the Strong

Cavanaugh Tony

Cedric Sire – Of Fever and Blood

Chamberlain Diane – The Silent Sister

Chapman Brenda – Butterfly Kills

Chapman Brenda – Cold Mourning 

Chapman Brenda – Tumbled Graves

Chesterton R B – The Darkling 

Christensen Maggie – Broken Threads

Churchill Dan – The Healthy Cook

Churchill Dan – Dude Food  

Clark- Platts Alice-  Bitter Fruits  

Clarke Maxine Beneba – Foreign Soil

Cleave Paul – Five Minutes Alone

Coben Harlan – The Stranger

Cohen Tammy( Tamar) – Dying For Christmas

Cohen Tammy( Tamar) –  First One Missing 

Cohen Tammy( Tamar) – 

Cole Beccy – Poster Girl

Coleman Rebecca – Inside This Walls

Compton Julie – Keep No Secrets

Connelly Michael – The Burning Room

Connelly Michael – The Crossing 

Connolly John – The Wolf in Winter

Corlene Douglas – Good as Gone

Corris Peter – Silent Kill

Corris Peter – That Empty Feeling

Corris Peter – Gun Control 

Cosgrove Katerina – Bone Ash Sky

Costly Danielle – Beyond The Farm Gate

Courtenay Bryce – The Silver Moon

Crowley Cath – Graffiti Moon

Cross Neil – Captured

Crow Matthew – My Dearest Jonah 

Cuevas Michelle- Confessions of an Imaginary Friend

Cutter Nick – The Troop


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