Reviews by Author – N – Z

 Books Reviewed Listed by Author: N – Z

Nesbo Jo – The Son

Nesbo Jo – Cockroaches

Nesbo Jo – Police

Nesbo Jo – The Bat

Ness Patrick – A Monster Calls

Nethercott Michael – The Séance Society

Neuhaus Nele – Bad Wolf

Nicholas Persephone – Burned

Nicholls David – Us

Niequist Shauna – Bread and Wine

Niewert David – And Hell Followed With Her – Crossing the Dark Side of the American Border

Nitschke & Corris Philip & Peter – Damned If I Do

Niven Jennifer – All the Bright Places

North Claire – The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August 

Nunn Judy  – Spirits of the Ghan 



O’Brien Edna – Little Red Chairs 

O’Brien Kevin – Tell Me You Are Sorry

O’Brien Kevin – No One Needs To Know

O’Carroll Brendan – Mrs Browns A – Y

O’Dell Tawni – One of Us 

O’Dell Tawni – Angels Burn

O’Flynn Catherine – What Was Lost 

Ohlsson Kristina –   The Chosen  

Ortlepp Amanda – Claiming Noah

Oswald Debra – Useful

Overington Caroline – No Place Like Home 



Palmer Fiona – The Sunnyvale Girls 

Palmer Fiona –  The Saddler Boys 

Pancol Katherine – The Yellow Eyes of the Crocodile

Parry Leslie – Church of Marvels

Parsons Tony – Dead Time

Parsons Tony – The Murder Bag

Parsons Tony – The Slaughter Man

Pathak Anjali – Secrets from my Indian Family

Peace J M  – A Time To Run

Perlmutter Dr David – Brain Maker

Phillips Judy – Good Food Great Life 

Picoult Jodi – Leaving Time

Pitt & Harkness Turia & Libby – Everything to Live For

Ponsor Michael – The Hanging Judge 

Preston Matt  – The Simple Secrets to Cooking Everything Better  


Quinn Spencer – Paw and Order 


Rankin Ian – Even Dogs in The Wild 

Reichs Kathy – Bones Never Lie

Reichs Kathy – Swamp Bones

Reichs Kathy – Bones In Her Pocket

Reichs Kathy – Bones of the Lost

Reichs Kathy – Speaking in Bones

Rendell Ruth – The Girl Next Door 

Rendell Ruth – Dark Corners 

Rhodes Kate – Winter Foundlings

Rice A J – The Hand That Feeds You

Rice James – Alice and the Fly

Richmond T R – What She Left

Rob Smith Tom – The Farm

Rob Smith Tom – Child 44

Roberts Mary Roberts – The Bat

Robotham Michael – Lost

Robotham Michael – The Suspect

Robotham Michael – Life or Death

Robotham Michael – Watching You

Robotham Michael – The Night Ferry

Robotham Michael – Close Your Eyes


Romer Anna – Lyrebird Hill

Romer Anna – Thornwood House

Rosen R D – Strike Three Your Dead

Rossiter Richard – Thicker Than Water 



Safran John – Murder in Mississippi

Sagnier Thierry – Thirst

Sallis James – Others of My Kind 

Sanders Ben – American Blood 

Schofield Robert – Heist

 Scotti Jenny – The Bridesmaid

Scoullar Jennifer – Billabong Bend

Scoullar Jennifer – Turtle Reef

Seddon Holly – Try Not To Breathe

Seth Peter – What It Was Like

Shaefer & Smith Mark & Standford – Born to Blog

Shah Sami – I Migrant 

Shearer Alex – This is the Life

Shemilt Jane – Daughter

Shipton Alan – Nilsson The life of A Singer

Shoham Liad – Asylum City

Shuman Malcolm – Burial Ground

Simpson Inga – Nest

Simpson Inga –

Sigurdardottir Yrsa – TheUundesired  

Simsion Graeme – The Rosie Effect

Simsion Graeme – The Rosie Project

Skye Vanessa – Broken

Slater Sean – The Unforgiven

Slater Sean – The Guilty

Slaughter Karin – Cop Town

Slaughter Karin – Cold Cold Heart

Slaughter Karin – Unseen

Slaughter Karin – Three Twisted Stories

Slaughter Karin – Pretty Girls

Smaill Anna – The Chimes

Smith Annabel – Whisky & Charlie

Smith Jennifer E – The Geography Of Me and You

Smithwick Fluer – How to Make a Friend

Sokoloff Alexandra – The Huntress Moon

Stadtlander Jason P – The Steel Van Man

Staincliffe Cath – Ruthless

Staness & Jenkins Jonekos & Marjorie – Eat Like A Woman

Steele K J – The Bird Box

Steinman Gloria – Marilyn 

Stewart Amy – Girl Waits With Gun

Snyder Rachel Louise – What We’ve Lost Is Nothing 


Tan Shaun – The Singing Bones  

Tedeschi Mark – Eugenia A True Story of Adversity Tragedy Crime and Courage

Thompson Christie – Snake Bite

Towes Miriam – All My Puny Sorrows

Treadway Jessica – If She Did It

Tremayne S K – The Ice Twins

Turner Ann – The Lost Swimmer 

Turner Steve – The Complete Beatles Songs 

Uhnak Dorothy – Codes of Betrayal

Uhnak Dorothy – False Witness

Unger Lisa – Three Sisters

Unger Lisa – The Burning Girl

Unger Lisa – The Whispers

Unger Lisa – In the Blood

Vargas Fred – Dog Will Have His Day

Varley Claire – The Bit In Between


Viner P D – Summer of Ghosts

Viner P D – The Last Winter of Dani Lancing

Viner P D – The Sad Man

Viner P D – The Ugly Man 

Viskic Emma  – Resurrection Bay  

Vissaritis Laura – Things Your Dog Wants You To Know, Understanding Canine Behaviour 

von Shirach Ferdinand – The Girl Who Wasn’t There 


Wallach Tommy – We All Looked Up

Walters Minette – The Cellar 

Watson S J – Second Life

Watson S J – Before I Go To Sleep 

Webb Iain R  – Vogue Colouring Book 

Whish-Wilson David – Zero to the Bone

White Gillian – Unhallowed Ground

Wiehl Lisa – A Deadly Business

Woods T E – The Red Hot Fix

Woods T E – The Fixer

Woods T E – The Unforgivable Fix

Woods T E – Fixed in Blood 

Woods T E – Fixed In Fear 

Wyld Evie – All The Birds Singing

Yanno Drew – In the Matter of Michael Vogel

Young Helene – Northern Heat

Zan Koethi – The Never List 

Zavan Laura  – Dolce 80 Authentic Italian Treats Cakes & Desserts

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