Post Script: If She Did It aka Lacy Eye – Jessica Treadway

If She Did It


If She Did It aka Lacy Eye

Jessica Treadway


Little, Brown


ISBN: 9780751555240



What if you began to suspect your child of an unspeakable crime?


When Dawn introduces her family to her new boyfriend, Rud, they hide their unsettled feelings because they’re glad that Dawn, always an awkward child, seems to have finally blossomed.


Then Dawn’s parents are savagely beaten in their own bed, and though Hanna survives, Rud stands trial for Joe’s murder. Claiming her boyfriend’s innocence, Dawn initially estranges herself from everyone she knows, but when Rud wins an appeal, Dawn returns home saying she wants to support her mother.


Hanna knows that if she could only remember the details of that traumatic night, she could ensure her husband’s murderer remains in jail. But Hanna hadn’t realised that those memories may cause her to question everything she thought she knew about her daughter…


My View:

A great premise and hook– did she (in this case the daughter) or didn’t she, if she did what does that say about my life? The title sets the tone of foreboding, as you read, in your mind you are already starting to question the narrators ( mother/Hanna’s) perception of the brutal events that happened three years earlier, events her mind has protected her from remembering. As you read further and Hanna starts to question her vague memories, you say to Hanna, “Listen to your instincts” but you are also complicit in your willingness to believe that in this loving relationship – and Hanna really loves her family, Dawn must be innocent, that there must be an explanation for the incidents that are starting to seem a little strange or do not quite add up. Eventually the reader is provided with enough evidence to challenge the narrators view but the story does not end there…now we want to know why. And the tension increases as we realise the imminent danger that Hanna is in.


The beauty of this read is how the tension just keeps ratcheting up. The characters stand out- for their ordinariness and perhaps, for their oddness too – for their beliefs that stifle, control and place pressure on the individuals of the family. But the family is not made up of brutes or monsters – the parents are loving and want the best for their children (don’t we all?), they are not abusive to each other or to their children but they are rigid in their beliefs . The children…almost ordinary but with hints that something is not quite right with Dawn. It is the hints that keep you turning the pages…


In all a great evocative and page tuning read with a very satisfying ending.


PS this book has also been released as Lacy Eye – a title that I could not understand the meaning of until I read the book – Lacy Eye- this family’s euphemism for hearing what you want to hear….

14 thoughts on “Post Script: If She Did It aka Lacy Eye – Jessica Treadway

  1. I’m really glad you explained that, Carol! I was wondering what the point of that other title was, and now it makes more sense. And the book does sound really engaging.

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