Post Script: The Night Ferry – Michael Robotham

Fantastic! In my eyes Michael Robotham can do no wrong!


Cover The Night Ferry

The Night Ferry

Michael Robotham

Mulholland Books

ISBN: 9780316252287



 “Vibrant and utterly contemporary . . . An altogether superior thriller.” —Los Angeles Times


Struggling detective Alisha Barba is trying to get her life back on track after almost being crippled by a murder suspect. Now on her feet again she receives a desperate plea from an old school friend, who is eight months pregnant and in trouble. On the night they arrange to meet, her friend is run down and killed by a car and Alisha discovers the first in a series of haunting and tragic deceptions.


Determined to uncover the truth, she embarks upon a dangerous journey that will take her from the East End of London’s to Amsterdam’s murky red light district and into a violent underworld of sex trafficking, slavery and exploitation.



My View:

A pulse raising mystery and thriller this book will  engage and keep you breathless, turning pages to the very last word. Michael Robotham’s words are a joy to read – the narratives engage and are complex, the characters are well developed, most are likable unless you are meant to dislike, the sense of urgency and drama is always taut and palpable, the contemporary social issues merge seamlessly into the narrative.  Just brilliant!

2 thoughts on “Post Script: The Night Ferry – Michael Robotham

  1. It’s very hard to go wrong with a Robotham, isn’t it, Carol? Very glad that you enjoyed this one as much as you did.

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