Post Script: Rather Be The Devil – Ian Rankin

Its Not You – It’s Me ?


Rather be The Devil

Ian Rankin

Hachette Australia

Orion Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781409159414



Ian Rankin returns with his superb new novel, set in the dark heart of Edinburgh.

John Rebus, now a couple of years into his retirement finds himself drawn into a cold case from the 1970s involving a female socialite, found dead in a bedroom in one of Edinburgh’s most luxurious hotels. It’s a crime over forty years old, but no one was ever found guilty. Now, Rebus has his own reasons to investigate . . . but it is going to set him against some very dangerous people.


My View:

 Its Not You – It’s Me ?  🙂


Is it me or does anyone else think that there has been a subtle shift/metamorphosis in writing style in Ian Rankin’s Rebus series?  I have been with this writer since the start – Knots and Crosses and whilst I have enjoyed all the books in this series since about the time of Exit Music I have not only enjoyed but I have become fully engaged in the narrative and the life of Rebus, Siobhan and even Big Ger. Has “retirement” allowed Rebus to soften a little, to perhaps become more personable, more interesting, more reflective, more relatable?  I don’t know- what do you think?  Maybe it’s not you Rebus maybe it’s me?


Regardless of whether you agree with me or not you will find this read every bit as engaging as his very first book; the characters just as flawed and likable (mostly) and the locations and settings just as visual and real. This is another fabulous read from the talented Ian Rankin!

2 thoughts on “Post Script: Rather Be The Devil – Ian Rankin

  1. I definitely think Rebus has changed – evolved – over time, Carol. And, to me, that’s perfectly logical. That’s what people are supposed to do, after all, right? As Rebus gets older, and life happens to him, of course he changes. Glad you enjoyed this one.

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