In Need Of Musical Suggestions…

As some of you may have noticed recently I have started reading a few health related cook books and general  healthy living books – I am working my way up to some changes in my diet and lifestyle – that is I am trying to get a bit fitter.

I have started by buying an exercise bike – and setting that up in the lounge room ( we don’t watch TV much these days). I have been building up my stamina – today I rode for sixty minutes  – 28kms. Now to do that every day!


So to assist the motivation I need  to create a play list of blood pumping, foot stomping, sing out loud , pedal pushing music. I need about twenty to twenty five tracks, I think, to get me through the hour. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

8 thoughts on “In Need Of Musical Suggestions…

  1. Hmmm…..I can think of quite a list, Carol. The Rolling Stones’ Honky Tonk Woman, AC/DC’s You Shook Me All Night Long, and Van Halen’s Dance the Night Away are just three that come to mind right away. Oh, and Billy Joel’s You May be Right.

    • I might have the Billy Joel, I am sure I have some AC/DC – though prefer their studio albums to live, (I did see them live in Perth many many years ago and the atmosphere was great but to exercise to – album music I think) . Rolling Stones – of course why didn’t I think of that – quite a few year ago now I won a Rolling Stones radio comp- (1981/82 I think) and won about 20/30 albums – vinyl – I still have them. 🙂 I need to sort through The archives. I definitely need a dedicated playlist because I have been jumping on and off the bike changing music …..

  2. I bought an exercise bike last September (fall, here in Canada) so I could keep biking through the cold Canadian winter when the deep snow and slippery ice keep me mostly indoors. I put it in my bedroom where I have a TV and found it helped if I watched a half movie a day on video or DVD. It was great and now that summer is here, I still ride it on days when it’s pouring rain. It really works!

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